WhatsApp all set to introduce a new feature that will change the way you chat!


Please follow and like us:2019 has surely been a busy year for the Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp. After all, the company has launched a lot of new features and updates for its customers to give a wonderful experience while using it. As per the recent report, a new feature will be added which will change the way people chat. Basically,…

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Keep an eye on your private PF and know how to get the errors fixed


Please follow and like us:Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a sparing apparatus that we as a whole not only like just in light of the fact that it gives ensured tax-exempt returns because we realize that our employer also adds an equivalent add up to the PF kitty consistently. In any case, imagine a scenario wherein your PF does not…

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Upgrade your debit and credit cards by 31st December before they become inactive


Please follow and like us:Recently many of us might have received a message from the banks we have opened our accounts with, asking us to upgrade our credit or debit cards. There is a high chance that you might have received it but ignored it, thinking it’s a spam. But, it is not a spam at all. This is an…

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How to check vehicle registration details


Please follow and like us:Many people have requested to the Ministry to provide a platform to look for the genuineness of an RC that is Registration Certificate and also DL which is Driving Licence. People always look for ways to be able to do that and in accordance with that Ministry has found a way. Now, you can check the…

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Can Companies Force Employees to Serve Notice Period?


Please follow and like us:Many companies from all over the world are introducing new and friendly policies for their employees but there will always be some employees who are going to take these policies for granted. Frequently workers leave associations without serving notice in the bait of better possibilities somewhere else. Except a few countries there are many top and…

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Road Transport Ministry approves DigiLocker: No need to carry your driving licence, vehicle papers anymore


Please follow and like us:Good news for everyone. A notification has been issued by the Ministry of Road Transport that people who store their RC papers and digital driving license in the DigiLockers will now be considered legitimate piece of documents and are now legal as per the IT Act 2000 and is also valid under the Motor Vehicles Act…

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How to Pay Your Electricity Bill Online Anywhere in India


Please follow and like us:Gone are the days when we used to stand in a queue to pay our electricity bills. Paying bills online lets you save money and time both. This will enable you to save time by personally visiting the company and will also give you the confirmation that your bill has been paid. You can also set…

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Want to register a complaint in Consumer Court? Here’s how


Please follow and like us:If you are facing some grievances and unable to find any solution regarding that then you can lodge a complaint at consumer court and seek justice. Grievances can be of any type, maybe regarding a service or product, a brand, and more. You can visit the consumer court depending on the type of your grievance with…

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