Top 10 best inverters In India


Please follow and like us: Luminous ECO Watt + Rapid 1650 Square Wave UPS Inverter Talking about power back-ups and Luminous marks the first position in this category. The model ECO Watt + Rapid 1650 Square Wave UPS Inverter has variable features including higher and faster-charging capacity compared to our other picks. This excellent feature comes along with RCB technology.…

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How to get compensation if your flight is cancelled or delayed


Please follow and like us:In case you’re wondering, there are certain rights all air passengers are entitled to while traveling. This article would educate our fellow passengers about these rights to claim if need be. These rights can be useful if your flight is delayed or cancelled. In both scenarios, we know for certain that claiming compensation for your tickets…

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Easy ways to Save Money on Everyday Purchases


Please follow and like us:We always admire to learn a new skill that can deeply improve our lives and relieve us from the shortcomings we might face in the future. Today, saving money is a skill.  We say so because we agree that this requires inherent patience and self-control to adapt to making clever choices. The point here is, we…

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Seven Tips for Safe Internet Banking


Please follow and like us:Before the internet era, banking was a long and tedious job. It took a customer several visits to the bank to set-up an account, transfer funds and check his bank statement. After the internet, all banking services became available on a single page of the banking website. No regular visits to the bank and we were…

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ITR filing: Here’s how to check Income Tax refund status online


Please follow and like us:You are eligible for income tax returns if the tax paid exceeds your liability. For this, the payer needs to document and file the returns. E-filing is an effective way to check the status of your returns. This article will also show you various situations where your returns can be denied and the points to be…

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ATM Security: 6 ATM Safety Tips to Make your Transactions Safer


Please follow and like us:When you know the cash involves risk, it is important to keep in mind certain measures to protect yourself. Thefts around an ATM are an easy target and usually heard about in newspapers. When you handle cash in open spaces like an ATM, there are chances it is risky. You must safeguard your life and the…

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Love Shopping Online? Here’s how to stay safe


Please follow and like us:The reasons to shop are unlimited. Shopping websites have turned into a worldwide marketplace accessible to one and all. Websites are consumer oriented. They are to perform suiting the preferences of the customer. Thus, we have become accustomed to this manner of shopping comfortably. This article informs us, although shopping online is satisfying, we need to…

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How to apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana?


Please follow and like us:Housing as a human right was recognized by the Government of India in June 2015 when it published a public plan for the economically weaker sections of the society. This plan is called Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. This initiative covers the target of providing over 20 million housing facilities to citizens who cannot afford to buy…

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How to Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10


Please follow and like us:Updating laptops is the key to ensure smooth working. They are necessary to safeguard the information we store and convey better performance to our activities. Yet, repeated notifications on a monthly basis can cause hindrance of delaying our work.  The constant reminders of updates are quite un-useful if the user doesn’t want to respond in that…

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What is a good credit score and how you can maintain it & how it benefits you.


Please follow and like us:Banks have instilled among us a hugely convenient service of Credit Cards for long now.  Customers have accustomed themselves entirely to its credit services and know the full-blown logistics behind it. The segment of discussion is around the term credit score- and how it determines our position and entitles us with extra benefits over our credit.…

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