How to Get a Flat Tummy without Surgery:


In this fast-moving lifestyle, every one of us wants a healthy body. But, unfortunately, our food habits add extra kilos to our belly. These extra kilos make us slow, imbalance, weak and prone to diseases. To keep pace with fast life we seek ways to get a flat tummy.  Whenever such a feeling come to our mind we think of…

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8 Healthy Practices to Lose Weight without Dieting


Many individuals battle to achieve a perfect weight. Be that as it may, abstaining from excessive food intake isn’t the widely adored alternative. Individuals regularly scan for alternate routes to decrease weight and abstain from slimming down and working out. On the off chance that eating fewer carbs isn’t your thing, at that point there are sure ways which you…

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Do You Love Bananas a lot? Here’s why you should control eating it


Bananas are an extraordinary nibble sustenance. They come splendidly bundled in a solitary serving size. They taste great crude, cooked, in bread or over oat. They have a ton of extraordinary healthy benefit. Be that as it may, bananas can be no picnic for your body. Eating bananas accompanies dangers to your heart and midsection line. There are even normally…

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Here’s how to apply for a marriage certificate


A marriage certificate is a proof for two married people to identify their marital status. It is an official document stating that two individuals are married. In the year 2006, the Supreme Court has made it mandatory for all the married people and people who are getting married to register their marriage. This is done for the protection of women.…

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Bring positive energy to your house, Learn what direction your door should face according to Vastu


If you don’t know what Vastu Shastra is then simply stated it’s the science of architecture. The main door of the house is where everything comes into the house.   What do doors facing in different direction mean? South west Direction- A main door which faces the south west direction is likely to bring in negative energy and misfortunes in…

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