Here’s why Hong Kong is a must-see summer destination


Please follow and like us:Jam-pressed boulevards and left shorelines. Old-world markets amid neon wildernesses. Interminable vitality, yet additionally the stillness of the Buddha. Hong Kong is yin and yang embodied – dynamic, regularly overpowering, yet shockingly simple on voyagers. Hong Kong’s sub-tropic atmosphere implies summer is sweltering and moist; getting around is sweat-soaked, adding uneasiness to the tangible over-burden. Spring…

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Essential Vastu tips for the Bedroom that you should think about


Please follow and like us:The bedroom is a significant room for everyone. This is the room you go to after a hard day at the office and relax.  Vastu Shastra depends on the progression of grandiose vitality inside a space to improve living conditions and advance agreement. Whenever connected effectively, it can enable people to live in a constructive situation…

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Nine natural DIY tips to cool your home this summer


Please follow and like us:Summers are here everyone and you must be feeling really exhausted by now.All you must be doing is switching on the AC or sitting right under the ceiling fan.Unfortunately, summers in India like that and AC is the only way to remain calm. It turns out there are a lot of approaches to cushion your home…

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Here are the Top 5 Best Scooty Below 30,000 you can think of!


Please follow and like us:Scooty and its rage needs to lead the achievement of bike industry by storm as the bike alternative offers the extraordinary capacity to meander locally with ease to drive. Bicycles were ruling the bike section only a couple of years back; however at this point scooty and its financial limit situated alternatives are the new top…

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Thinking of buying a home in your wife’s name? Here’s why it is a good decision


Please follow and like us:There are a few advantages to purchasing a property in a lady’s name, either as the sole proprietor or as a joint proprietor, with governments and banks offering many motivating forces. Also, this is welcoming ladies purchasers to dive in the property advertise. Here are the points of interest accessible for the female property purchasers –…

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Vastu Shastra tips for a temple at home


Please follow and like us:The temple at home is a hallowed spot where we worship God. Along these lines, usually, it must be a specific and serene spot. The temple territory, when put by Vastu Shastra, can bring wellbeing, thriving and joy to the house and its inhabitants. Even though a different puja room would be perfect, this isn’t constantly…

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Vastu tips for choosing a new apartment


Please follow and like us:The Indian architecture of Vastu Shastra has been a reason for recognising and building up the best living spaces. Vastu-consistent plots and homes, help the occupants to experience their lives with more bliss, riches, wellbeing and flourishing. This old practice has picked up notoriety in the land space, for recognising the best places, plots and structures…

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Five brilliant rules of purchasing a home according to Vastu


Please follow and like us:Everyone wishes to purchase a house that brings satisfaction, harmony and positive vibes while living in it. It is trusted that a home that conforms to Vastu Shastra standards conveys favourable luck to its tenants. Vastu is tied in with fitting the ideas of designing, optics, acoustics and otherworldliness. Given underneath are five essential decides that…

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Top 20 best beaches in the entire world

Please follow and like us:Summers are finally here and you must be planning from now on looking for the places to visit to cool your hot nerves. Having said that, what can be better than those beautiful beaches? It’s flawlessly justifiable! There’s only something about sunning yourself to the sound of waves gradually lapping against the shore that brings a…

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25 Foods You Should Not Refrigerate


Please follow and like us:Risky microbes are hiding all over your kitchen, and how you are putting away your nourishment may very well put friends and family in danger. While a few things dependably need refrigeration, others ought to immovably remain outside the ice chest or else chance being destroyed and unappetizing. Do you know which items to put where?…

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