17 Hidden Facebook Features you need to know about


Facebook has been facing some issues lately, with the news of data leak and facebook listening to our private conversations by activating our Microphone, many people have stopped using facebook.

But despite all the negative publicity, facebook manages to be on top with a revenue of 11.97 billion US Dollars in quarter 1 of 2018.

But did you know facebook has a lot more to offer besides chatting and going through the news feed.

Here are some of the features of facebook that you probably don’t know about-

See who is logged in to your account-

Yes, you can know who is signed in to your account without your permission, just go to over to the settings page and there you will find “Security and Login Folder” and there you will see the option of “Where you’re logged In” just click on that and you will see the list of devices where you are currently logged in. Not only this, it will also provide you with the location and browser information of where you are logged in. if you find something suspicious then you can even log out of one or all devices.

Save what you need for later-

if you find a post and find it interesting but don’t really have the time to read it then facebook provides you with an option of saving posts for later, whether it’s a video or a photo you can save it to read later.

To save a post, there will be three dots () or (v) in the top right corner of every post, head over to that and you will see a list of other options, select the ‘SAVE’ option.

Heard facebook is storing data? You can download that data now-

Facebook admitted that they have been saving users’ data for targeting ads to them, now they have made this data available for everyone to download, if you want to download your data the just go to settings, in general settings, you will see a link to view and download your facebook data, click on that, click on download on the next page, your file will begin to be prepared, once it’s prepared, facebook will notify you and the you can download it.

Your data means every little thing you have shared on facebook since you joined facebook, every photo, video, status, messages and every setting that you have applied.

See photos Liked by Anyone

you want to see what your boyfriend/girlfriend is up to, don’t you? Well just type in the search box ‘photos liked by my boyfriend’ name  if you have filled in your relationship status, or enter any of your friend’s name and you will see every photo liked by him/her. You can also see photos liked by you, just type ‘photos liked by me’

What happens to your account when you die?

Your account can either stale or you can assign someone to use your account when you pass away. You can appoint someone to carry on your legacy by choosing a legacy contact, the legacy contact that you select will be able to write pinned posts on your behalf, respond to friend requests,download your data as explained previously but without your messages and chats.

How to assign a person as a legacy contact?

Go to settings> general> edit>choose one of your facebook friends as a legacy contact.

Z+ Security on Facebook-

It’s always better to have some extra protection, and we all know there are a lot of hackers out there just waiting to hack your account. So, how do you protect your account?

Go to settings > security and login- there will be three options available for you

Enable two factor authentication- what this basically does is, when someone wants to access your account they will need access to your device also.

Get timely alerts regarding unrecognized login attempts- when your account is logged into from an unrecognized device then you will be notified via a notification from facebook.

Assign trusted contacts- Add 3-4 persons as your trusted contacts, in case you forget your password or lose your mobile then, these trusted contacts can help you have access to your account again. You can change your trusted contacts anytime you want.

Choose your own ads-

Facebook gets a huge part of its revenue from brand marketing.  But sometimes you see an advertisement that is not at all relevant to your interests and choices.

To choose your own ads just go to settings>Ads>Your Interests, to remove an interest type, just click on the ‘X’ icon.

Filter your news Feed-

The first thing you see when you open facebook is your News Feed but when you see your homepage filled with stuff that you just don’t want to see, you get irate and consequently shut it down, but the right thing to do is, correct your preferences, right next to the news feed there will be three dots () click on that and choose edit your preferences, prioritize who to see first and select the brands, pages and people who you want to see more of.

Want to see all the friend requests you ever sent-

Click on the friend requests icon, under your friend requests you will see a list of suggested people click on view all suggestions and now you will see an option for view all sent requests and there comes the long list of all your sent requests.

Turn off Auto play Videos-

You open facebook and bam!! There’s a video in your face, you didn’t even hit the play button and it’s being played automatically. Now suppose you launch facebook in front of your mother and this video shows up which is rated adult and it starts playing automatically. how embarrassed you would be? To avoid this type of scenario you can turn off auto play videos. Go to settings > videos > turn autoplay videos off.

Send money using Facebook- yes, facebook is no more just a social networking site, now you can even transact using facebook. All you have to do is go to settings > payment > account and enter your debit card details. Once the details are filled, you can easily transfer or receive money through facebook or the messenger app.

Upload and watch Photos in 360° –

To simply watch photos in 360° you just take your mobile phone and click a photo in panorama mode, now you can easily click a photo in 360° view but if you look at it in your gallery, it would have become a blunder, but on facebook you can easily watch photo in 360 degree view by using the mouse or the keyboard to swipe. The experience of 360 degree photo is so much better than watching a regular photo.

Raise funds on Facebook-

Did you know? You can even use facebook to even raise money for a social cause or for a personal need. You can raise funds by yourself or on behalf of any organization. The process is quite simple, click on the fundraiser icon and click the menu button ≡ or click on explore and start collecting funds with the help of your friends on facebook. All the purpose for which funds are to be collected have to be approved by facebook and in order to receive the funds you must link your account with facebook.

Play Multiplayer games on Facebook-

Facebook has a lot of option to choose from when it comes to gaming, in the left most corner of the homepage, you will see a section for ‘GAMES’, head over to that and you will see many games like 8 ball pool, snooker etc. that you can play online with your friends on facebook or just randomly with anyone.

Stop Birthdays Notifications-

You know how facebook lets you know whose birthday is it so you never forget to wish the person a happy birthday and obviously, ask for a party. Well the birthday notification might be great for many people but for some people the popped up notifications of birthdays can be really annoying. So for those people facebook has an option to turn these notifications off- settings > notifications > on facebook >edit, you can edit a lot of things here including turning off birthday notifications.

Blogging on facebook-

If you love writing but don’t really have a platform where people can read your opinions and thoughts then facebook notes is the thing for you. Well, obviously you can upload a status as per your mood but what if you want to write something long, something that would take up 2-3 pages, then you won’t be putting a status, there comes in facebook notes.

Visit facebook.com/notes, to add your own notes click on the + icon and start typing, add a cover image to make it pleasant for the viewers’ eyes. You can also read other peoples’ notes here.

Hidden emoticons-

While facebook has the most commonly used emojis present in the chatbox itself, there are a lot of emoticons that you are missing out and you can insert these emoticons by typing a combination of few symbols or characters.

Facebook Romance-

To view a complete history of your relationship with your partner, just go to www.facebook.com/us and it well show you every single moment that you ever have shared on facebook tagging your partner. If you haven’t updated your relationship status yet on faceboojk, then it will just open up your profile page.

Sneak into your friends’ relationship-

You can check any of your two friends’ relationship status ever since they have been friends. Suppose I want to check the relationship of Vishal Munjal and Shikha Gautam then I would type the URL www.facebook.com/vishalmunjal?and=shikhagautam , similarly if you want to check any of your two friends’ relationship status just replace the above mentioned names with your friends’ names. But the posts you will see will depend on the privacy settings of your friends.

 Were the tips provided above any help to you? Be sure to tell us in the comments below.


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