20 Vastu tips to bring health and wealth in 2019


While enlivening your home, consider the accompanying Vastu tips to bring wellbeing, riches, and satisfaction into your home.


Vastu Tips for the central passageway are:

  • A sufficiently bright, brilliant passageway acquires real vitality to your home. It makes a first and enduring impression at whatever point somebody visits your home. Keep up a flawless hall, and guarantee that there are no deterrents, for example, shoes hindering the way.
  • The primary entryway is the most prominent entryway in the house, and more often than not in the north, east, or upper east is heading.
  • The Vastu specialists prescribe setting the entryways and windows in explicit ways to improve wellbeing, riches, and in general prosperity and bliss.

Entryways and Windows

Some Do’s and Don’ts are given underneath:

  • The primary entryway is bigger than different entryways. It must face east, north or upper east bearing.
  • The first entryway is a two-covered entryway with pivots that don’t make clamour amid opening or shutting. It should open inside the house.
  • Vastu specialists additionally propose that you should have a much number of entryways and windows. The entryways other than the principal entryway must be of equivalent size and are littler than the primary entryway.
  • The windows are put inverse to the entryways so that there is the outside air and daylight improves natural ventilation in the house. Every one of the windows must be regular fit as a fiddle and proportionate in stature.
  • Vastu specialists recommend that windows in the east improve wellbeing and whenever set in the north, brings thriving.


  • Plants make a relieving and loosened up condition and give you outside air. They retain contamination and improve the air around you.
  • Supporting plants and cultivating improve your wellbeing and prosperity. By including indoor plants into your home style, breaks the repetitiveness inside your home.
  • Plants prescribed by Vastu specialists are:
  • Tulsi plant gives oxygen for the day, and it has therapeutic properties that can fix a typical cold, and hypersensitivities in the two youngsters and grown-ups. It is likewise viewed as a sacred plant and is adorned in numerous family units.
  • According to Vastu, the tulsi plant must be kept in the north, the east or upper east heading of the house.
  • Vastu specialists suggest Bamboo plant as it acquires karma, acclaim, riches, and harmony to your home. Spot the yellow-tinted bamboo bark in the east or southeast corner of the house.
  • If you plant the banana tree in the upper east corner of your patio, you will be sound, loose and glad.
  • The cash plant is a creeper that brings success and riches on the off chance that you place it in the southeast corner of your home.
  • A neem tree in the northwest corner of your home improves wellbeing as it has therapeutic properties.

Some other focuses on plants according to Vastu:

  • Vastu does not permit desert flora and other prickly plants as they get negative vitality.
  • By embellishing your home with natural plants rather than plastic blossoms, you can improve the air quality inside your home.
  • Clean and remove all the dead plants and trees before your home.
  • Whenever you intend to pot a few plants and trees around your home, remember to look at these helpful hints. These Vastu neighbourly plants can convey a fresh change to your home, and who knows possibly to your inward prosperity also!

Pooja room

  • Vastu tips for structuring your pooja room with the goal that you can get harmony and bliss are as per the following:
  • Heading – The bearing of the pooja room is critical. A north-east-bound pooja room will give you heaps of positive vitality as it can outfit the spirit from the sun. The pooja room ought to be brilliant and very much ventilated.
  • Reflective space – A pooja room isn’t just a consecrated space yet, in addition, causes you to get into a meditative state. You can sit and think for quite a while in a grand and all around ventilated pooja room.
  • Icon position – The symbols must be put a couple of inches from the divider or more the ground. Making a rangoli and lighting a light each day both in the first part of the day and night is required to make it look excellent and sacrosanct.
  • Entryways – A low roof, two-entryways and a pyramid-formed top are a portion of the well-known pooja room structures. It makes a real air to slip into a deep state all-around rapidly. All pooja rooms have an edge to keep out bugs and ants from going into the pooja room.
  • Capacity in a pooja room – The books, lights, incense sticks, matchbox, and different things required to do pooja are put away in a crate or bureau that is underneath the symbol. The capacity bureau ought not to impede the daylight and must face the south-east course.
  • Clean and residue free pooja room – Ensure that you occasionally clean the pooja room, icons, and different articles with the goal that it is spotless and without dust dependably.
  • As indicated by Vastu Shastra, pooja rooms ought to dependably outfit a considerable number of energies through the mandir plan and course.


  • Beautifying mirrors upgrade the tasteful intrigue as well as required to keep up inspiration in your home.
  • Vastu specialists suggest setting mirrors something like four or five feet over the ground. It must be placed on the dividers that face east or north. Abstain from keeping mirrors legitimately before the bed in the rooms.

Clean Homes

  • A spotless home keeps up the stream of vitality. It pays to clean your entryways, windows, evacuate webs, cleans the roof fans, kitchen, pantries and closets. A residue-free and clean home pull in positive vitality into your home.

Direct Sunlight

  • A sufficiently bright breezy home gets enough daylight with the goal that you don’t need to utilise electrical lights to light up your home. You likewise get nutrient D from the sun that improves your wellbeing. Daylight kills every one of the germs and makes a positive air. Light up your home with sunlight.


  • Vastu specialists suggest setting an aquarium in the north-east or SE bearing of the lounge room. An aquarium that has shading angles is required to quiet your faculties and gentle pressure.

Wind tolls

  • At the point when the breeze blows, the tolls make a sound that is calming and unwinding. Vastu specialists prescribe utilising wind rings to address the stream of vitality. While eight-pole wind toll brings karma, the five-bar wind ring fixes ailment and looks after harmony. Careful setting of the breeze tolls is known to profit the householder. Metal breeze rings must be kept in the north or west course while the wooden breeze rings must be held in the east or south course.

Drinking fountain

  • The sound of the water is calming. It improves your wellbeing and loosens up you. Including a drinking fountain in the north, east, or upper east of your home keeps the vitality streaming the correct way and mitigates strain in your home.
  • For positive and cheerful vibes, most Indian homes today are being built and planned by the guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

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