Aadhaar Card-How to Apply for a Blue Aadhaar card; Detailed information


UIDAI has launched the blue Aadhaar card in 2018 on the demography ageing 5 Years and below for the most essential document in India since 2009. It is basically Baal Aadhaar card which is Blue in colour and it became invalid once the child crosses the age 5 years of Age. You have to follow the same procedure which we used to make a regular aadhaar card for the blue aadhaar card as well. The parents of the child will fill the application form for the child document like proof of identity  and proof of address , proof of relationship and birth certificate of the child is required to make blue/Bal aadhaar card of a child.

The difference between regular aadhaar card and Blue aadhaar card is that it become invalid once the child crosses the age of 5 Years and it does not contain biometric information of the child. After the child crosses the age of 5 years you have to update the biometric according to UIDAI. If you are a teen your Biometric update of your card is free. You can use the birth certificate of the child or discharge slip of the hospital for enrolling of Blue Aadhaar card.

Step By Step procedure to apply Blue Aadhaar card

Visit the nearest Aadhaar center with your child. Do carry all the documents required in original like Birth certificate with you.

You have to provide your Aadhaar card as parents of the child . you have to fill in a mobile number for the purposeof registration of Blue Aadhaar card.

Biometric information of the child is not required but a photo of the child will be clicked at the aadhaar center for Blue aadhaar card.

The further documents will be verified and  you will recive a message of verification on your mobile number.

After the verification done the Bal/Blue AAdhaar card will be issued within 60 days of verification.

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