Add these foods in your diet to boost metabolism


Some meals are designed to help a little bit with metabolic rate elevation. The process of metabolism is how the body converts food and drink into energy. During this process, calories from food and drink combine with oxygen to create the energy the body requires. At that moment, even while our bodies are resting, they still need energy. By doing more exercise and building more muscle on your body, you may raise your metabolism and burn more calories even while you’re at rest. You should constantly consume foods that burn fat and get adequate sleep at night; you shouldn’t miss meals, especially breakfast. Moreover, apart from this there are certain foods which you can add in to your diet which will boost metabolism as these foods are rich in nutrients and health benefits.

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Foods which will boost your metabolism

1. Foods rich in protein- Your metabolism will be boosted for a few hours by eating meals high in protein, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, and seeds. The best foods for improving metabolism are those with a high protein content. By assisting your body in maintaining its muscular mass, meals high in protein also aid to decrease the decline in metabolism that is frequently observed after weight reduction.

2. Flaxseeds- Flaxseeds are seeds that are rich in protein, vitamins, and other essential elements. Eating flaxseeds will improve metabolic syndrome, a collection of disorders that raises the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, as well as speed up metabolism.

3. Lentils- Lentils are another functional food which may reduce the effects of metabolic syndrome. it may increase the metabolism as they are rich in protein and having good amounts of fiber  to feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

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4. Ginger- ginger will help to increase body temperature and metabolic rate and help control appetite. It also has anti inflammatory properties. It may help reduce nausea during pregnancy.

5. Green Tea- Green Tea has received plenty of attention and it has so much health benefits. The green tea has anti inflammatory effects and antioxidant properties. It has so many benefits on heart and oral health. It is suggested that drinking 4 cups of green tea daily can significantly reduce your body weight and systolic blood pressure.

6. Coffee- Coffee is full of caffeine which will speed your metabolism it will be extra helpful in enhancing your workout performance and may help your body burn fat for energy. But it is differ for person to person and totally depends on traits like age and body weight.

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7. Broccoli- Broccoli will boost your immune system, quicken your metabolism, and decrease the amount of fat cells in your blood. Additionally, they have a low calorie count and are quite healthy. They have a lot of nutrients and few calories. It is a wonderful complement to a diet plan for losing weight.

8. Apple- Apples are high in fibre and contains vitamin C which helps to detoxify the liver. It also contain Vitamin B which helps your body turn protein, fat and carbs in to energy and vitamin K which metabolizes protein and keeps your blood flowing.

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