All you need to know about bloated stomach

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Feeling Bloated can cause discomfort and indigestion and irritation in your body. There are some foods which can help you in promoting digestion and reduce bloating.

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What is bloated stomach

A bloated stomach is often feels tight, full and often painful. It is usually a digestive issue where hormones and stress play a part. it is an underlying medical condition. You can feel mildly uncomfortable to intensely painful. It usually goes away after a while but for some people it’s a recurring problem. If you continuously faces this problem medical attention is required in this case.

Reasons of Bloated stomach

There can be many reasons behind bloated stomach the main reasons are

1. Intestinal Gas

2. Digestive issue

3. Food intolerance

4. Menstrual cycle

Foods you can consume to reduce bloating

1. Cucumber- Cucumber is made up of water so if you add cucumber in your diet it will reduce bloating and improve your digestion. Cucumber is a refreshing snack to eat it will add fiber in to your diet which reduces the bloating in your stomach.

2. Ginger- Ginger is full of anti inflammatory properties as it contains Zingibain which helps in digestion process. You can add in to your diet through curries and smoothies

3. Bananas- Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber. If you will add banana in your diet it will reduce your chances of indigestion.

4. Yogurt-yogurt is full of probiotic properties. It helps to improve the gut bacteria. Good health promotes better digestion and reduce the chances of bloating.

5. Green Tea-Green tea has so many health benefits it will provide great metabolism. Good metabolism means great digestion. Bloating can be reduced by regular use of green tea.

6. Tamotoes- tomatoes are rich antioxidant lycopene which will reduce your bloating

7. Citrus fruits-citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruit are also helpful in reducing bloating. These foods are rich in fruitful nutrients which will reduce your bloating.            

Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach are also rich in water and fiber which reduce the bloating in your stomach. you can also consume water rich foods like watermelon which are great for bloating problem. berries and lentils are also very helpful in digestion

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Measures to take to prevent stomach bloating

1. You have to drink enough water water also helps you to feel full between meals.       

2. Regular exercise helps water retention and keeps your bowls moving. It prevents the rapid weight gain if you are doing continue sitting job you can getup and walk around now and then.

3 Avoid processed foods as these foods are low in fiber and high in salt and fat  and fat slows down the digestion process. These foods are low in nutrition so they will leave you hungry even after consuming a great amount of it.

4. Eat enough fiber it makes you feel full sooner. fiber is a Prebiotic  which helps feed and promote good bacteria in your gut.

When to need medical help

You should consult a doctor if your bloated stomach

1. gets worse day by day

2. it will last more than one week

3. it is continuously painful

4. it has more symptoms of a illness like vomiting, bleeding  or fever

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