All you need to know about Time management skills


Time Management is an art and a well managed process which includes the planning and controlling how much time spend on specific activity. Good time management leads to complete more work in shorter span of time and lowers your stress and leads to success in everything you do. Let’s discuss first what the major benefits of time management.

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3 major Benefits of time management

1. Less stress– if you are doing your task by following a proper schedule it will reduce your stress as there is no need to worry about getting the work done on time. It will make you stress free to work.

2. Extra time– if you manage your time effectively you will have extra time to spend on your daily life. Effective Time management provides more time to spend on your hobbies or any other personal work.

3. Great opportunities– managing time will need to finish tasks on time and ultimately provide more opportunities and less time wastage. Every management looks the employees as multi tasking and managing time effectively. You will be more desirable for the organisation.

How you can manage your time effectively

1. Make a list of your tasks– First you have to make a list of your daily tasks and set your goals what you what to achieve in desired time limit. Always make specific goals which can be achieved in measurable terms relevant and attainable in a specific time limit.

2. Priorities your work – just prioritize your work according to the most important or urgent first you have to pick which tasks is urgent finish them now and those which are important but not urgent make a plan to complete it one by one according to priority. Delegate some tasks which are urgent but not important and can be handled by others. Complete the work which is not very urgent in the last

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3. Always set a time limit- if you want to achieve success in any work you have to set a time limit to complete a task. You have to put extra effort on finishing the task on proper time. just check the available time in your hand and compare it with the task is to be done if there is any kind of delay just check in advance how you can make up on time by putting extra effort or by doing smart work by delegating some portion to any team mate or you can do multitasking where you can utilize your time in dual way.

4. Take breaks– don’t do lots of tasks without any break as it will make you dull and Non focused. You will not get motivated to work just take breaks between tasks and refresh your mood by having tea coffee or snacks of your choice to cheer up your mood.  You can even go for a short walk with your best buddy and start the work again with a cheerful mood.

5. Don’t overburden yourself– Remove the non essential tasks from your daily tasks list and focus on significant tasks and utilize your time on it. Removal of non essential tasks provides you more free time to get focused on the relevant work.

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