Amazon is giving you a chance to win Rs 25000-50000 Daily ;Check Details


Amazon App quiz contest You can easily win up to Rs 50000 by just giving the answers of 5 questions you can win several gifts worth up to Rs 50000 Amazon is a E commerce platform where a daily app quiz has been started where by just giving answers of 5 questions you can win lots of prizes worth up to Rs 50000. Today Amazon on this platform will pay you Amazon pay balance of rs 25000. This quiz is present in the Amazon shopping App. For your information daily this quiz starts from 8 am in morning till 12 Pm at night questions are related to Gk or current affairs.

If you want to win the gifts you have to answer all the questions correct. You will be given 4 options of each question suppose if you have completed the quiz today results will be out tomorrow. The winner will be announced by a lucky draw.

How to play the quiz

1. If you have Amazon app at your phone just open the app and if you don’t have the app just download this app

2. After downloading sign in the app and open the app and on home screen scroll down where you can see the Amazon quiz banner. Now click on this the quiz will get started.

Today we will tell you all the questions and the answers of the Amazon quiz of today so let’s play Amazon quiz and become eligible to win 25000 Amazon Pay balance.

Q1.- The 2021 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit was hosted at Dushanbe, the capital of which country?

Ans. Tajikistan

Q2.- Gira Sarabhai, who passed away in July 2021, was the co-founder of which renowned institute?

Ans- National Institute of Design

Q 3-Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon of which planet?

Ans Saturn

Q 4- Who among these was NOT a representative from India in this sport at the Tokyo Olympics?

Ans- Arjun Atwal

Q-5 In which city was this company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon?


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