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Reading is considered as a best hobby as it is an activity which entertains yourself in your free time and expands your horizons. Every time you read you are learning something which reduces your stress and helps you to relax. It increases your imagination and creativity power. Reading is the greatest form to utilize your free time in best way. It is easy to watch a video on you tube as compared to reading for a child. However reading can be made a habit when done on regular basis

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Benefits of Reading                                                                                     

1. Brain exercise– Reading is a great workout of brain which improves your memory function. While reading we have to remember different characters in the story. if you enjoyed reading a book you have to remember the basic details of that book every time you started reading that. It improves your memory power.

2. Concentration and focus– Reading can be done without focus and concentration. We have to practice concentration and focus while taking reading as hobby.

3. Sound sleep- if you create a bedtime routine of reading it will signal your body that it is time to sleep. If we lower our screen time and focus on our books for reading it definitely quiet our mind. It will help your body to de-stress and improves quality sleep.

4. Motivation- if you choose right books for reading it will definitely motivate you to never Give up and stay positive in life. Reading will motivate you to lead a healthy and stress free life.

5. Improve vocabulary- books have the power to improve your vocabulary by introducing you new words every time you read a new book. The more you read the more knowledge you gain. You would effectively communicate your feelings to everybody. Regular reading will help in your writing skills as well by improving your Vocabulary day by day you can write in an effective way.

Now you can buy your favourite book online and it can be delivered at your doorstep within short period of time lets discuss best sites which offer buying online books.

1. Amazon India

 Amazon is great platform for buying books as it has over 25 million books and you can get variety of genres such as fiction, self help, children’s books school textbooks, higher education textbooks and much more. With Amazon bookstore you can get exclusive deals on Books if you buy in bundles you can save more and don’t forget the additional savings of coupons. Amazon provides you different book formats like hardcover books, e books, Paperbacks and many more.

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2. Flipkart

Flip kart started as online platform for providing books. Flip kart provides you variety of books at reasonable prices. You can pick your favourite book from the vast collection of books in Flip kart. it offers great discounts on purchase of books. You can create a mini library at your home and grab knowledge from the books daily.

3. Amarchitrakatha

it is a beautiful collection of comic series that focus on different genres like mythologies, epics and fables. you can even explore great stories of history how people fought in ancient times. It is the best website for those who are looking forward to read comics and tales. You can check out this website for their latest collection.

4. Paytm mall

Paytm mall has a large collection of books including school books that are good for children. They have huge collection of books related to literature and provide books at an affordable price.  Books plays an important role in man’s life and online platform provide availability of great books at an affordable price.

5. Snapdeal

if you are a person who is preparing for competitive examination or a school or college person who want to complete their assignments snap deal provide you wide variety of books for all ages. You can check various deals and offers while ordering through snap deal. You can even access to a number of titles and publishers here. It is the best platform to buy any kind of book online.

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