Asian Games: Unheralded Manjit’s unexpected gold steals the show after Sindhu’s silver


While India was waiting for Jinson Johnson to win the 800m run, Manjit Singh came out of nowhere snatching the gold medal for India but P V Sindhu, however, lost to Tai Tzu and had to settle down with silver. The historic win on Manjit Singh on Tuesday has been a commendable one.

The surprising win of silver and bronze medal in Kurash, an indigenous central Asian type of wrestling added to the tally of medals. The silver win at 4 x 400 relay in athletics was also added in the tally. Yesterday’s performance has made India reach the 8th position in overall standings. Till now India has won a total of 50 medals. 9 gold medals, 19 silver, and 22 bronze medals have what India have on their shoulders. All India needs is just 7 more medals to match the 2014 tally.

Manjit Singh, a 31-year-old lad who claimed the gold medal in 800m race beating Jinson Johnson. His outstanding performance has made us believe that with hard work anyone can achieve his target. Manjit had no gold medal in his tally but in Asian games, he broke his own record.

Manjit Singh won the gold while Johnson snatched the silver medal with his personal best time 1:46.15 seconds. Manjit stated that he has no job, but his coach is from Army, he has observed all his national and international races and have taken a closer look at all his mistakes and that has motivated him immensely to perform well.

Meanwhile, India won the silver in 4×400 m mixed race while Bahrain won the gold. The four players who were seen running for their lives clinching the silver medal were Muhammed Anas, M R Poovamma, Hima Das and Arokia Rajiv. They finished at 3:15.71 seconds.

In archery, compound archers won the silver medal, both men’s and women’s team losing to South Korea.

Then it was the final match between Sindhu and World’s number 1 Tzu-Ying where Tai Tzu won an easy match snatching the gold medal from Sindhu. Sindhu has so far battled with her 6 times and so far, she hasn’t been able to win any of them. Sindhu commented that Tzu-Ying was playing the defense very well. If she would have played a bit more patiently and kept the shuttle in, maybe the game would have taken a different turn.

The surprising deal was Kurash, a type of indigenous wrestling match to central Asia where you have to throw the opponent off his feet by using a towel only. Pincky Balhara won silver and Malaprabha Yallappa Jadhav collected the bronze in women’s 52 kg category. Both of them said that they didn’t have any money to buy their kits and Balhara also quoted that people from her village collected a sum of Rs. 1.75 lakhs to send her to the training camp.

In squash, India won a fairy tale won.

Even in hockey, India saw no problems in winning against Sri Lanka. India made 20 goals making it impossible for the Sri Lanka team to win.

Indian boxers Pavitra (60 kg) and Sonia Lather (57 kg) lost in the quarterfinal and were out of wrestling match.

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