ATM Security: 6 ATM Safety Tips to Make your Transactions Safer


When you know the cash involves risk, it is important to keep in mind certain measures to protect yourself. Thefts around an ATM are an easy target and usually heard about in newspapers. When you handle cash in open spaces like an ATM, there are chances it is risky. You must safeguard your life and the cash you carry with you. The point to stay safe with your cash is our priority when we withdraw money from an ATM. Although ATM is a notable convenience to us. They also attract theft and robbery.

Here are several measures to keep in mind while handling cash inside or outside the ATM.

  • Check your Surroundings:

Whenever you use an ATM, choose one in a crowded well-lit site and take a good look at your surroundings. Avoid deserted ATM with no lighting and the broken machine. ATM attached to the bank is preferable. It is advantageous for two reasons- these ATMs are rarely out of cash and can be relied upon, anytime. They are certain to be fully functional and secure.

These ATMs are less prone to theft due to heavy jam.

When you’re in an ATM, look for a CCTV camera and a security guard inside the ATM. It will give satisfaction to you while withdrawing cash. If there is an odd extension to the ATM which you do not generally recognize. Do not use that ATM.

  • Protect your PIN:

It is necessary to hide your card’s PIN. Your card’s PIN is the most sensitive information you own while banking. Banks never ask for your PIN. It is information solely entrusted upon you. It is advisable never to share these numbers to anyone unless you trust them with your money. We suggest you to never write down the PIN on the card. Memorize it. If you do lose your card, you’re giving the robber an open invitation to steal from you.

  • Schedule your Withdrawals:

When you come out of an ATM, it is general logic you have some cash with you. This becomes easier for robbers to find and chose their targets. Always schedule your withdrawals in daylight and even if you feel trouble around you, run to the nearest police station. Thefts and robbery usually become evitable after seven in the evening. When there is a long line outside the ATM, chose to stand close to the machine while making a transaction. Hide the PIN by your hand so that no one can peep.

  • Ask for help from the Issuer:

You can always rely on your bank to help you with any difficulty in withdrawing cash. There are times while using the ATM cash gets debited from your account without being withdrawn. You must ask for your bank’s assistance in these cases. Inform the bank immediately in case of stolen cards. Do not accept help from anyone.

  • Don’t Rely on Strangers:

It is advisable not to ask strangers for help while using the ATM. Your card and PIN are sensitive information. It is important to make your transactions by yourself while using an ATM and if you get stuck ask your bank’s assistance. It is risky to rely on strangers with sensitive information. If you do not know how to use an ATM, you can ask the bank to guide you.

  • Handle the Cash carefully:

This is an implied tip. After the transaction is made, press the cancel key on the ATM screen and handle your receipt carefully. Do not throw the receipt away. You are also advised to count the cash inside the ATM. Do not handle your cash in open spaces. Always protect card like cash. Your card holds more sensitive information than cash. Handle it responsibly. You don’t want to be easy prey.


Prevention is better than cure. We are among several amenities which can make us forget to stay careful and indulge in a world of benefit. Always remember benefits come with a sign of a loophole. And machines sometimes fall short to protect our privacy against malware. Thus, we cannot fully rely on machines to safeguard our cash. Check your bank statements regularly in case of a faulty transaction. Complain to your bank to drop your card immediately.

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