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You might get better cooling with the air conditioner but there are so many people who are prone to the AC and they fall sick very often due to the CFC gas released from these cooling products. There are researches that have been taken up many times and people have witnessed the problems they face after spending a night in AC rooms. There are a lot of people who feel pain in their bones as soon as they wake up. A whole lot of people also fell uncomfortable while they wake up in the morning as they feel cranky. So if you don’t want to feel any of these, and still want a cool room during the summers, then just buy an air cooler for yourself.

With natural air, it also keeps the humidity of the room in check and you will wake up fresh in the morning. So if you want to check out some of the best coolers in the market we have a few listed in this article. So just check them out and enjoy your longlife.

1. Maharaja Whiteline Arrow Dlx CO

When it comes to air cooler, I don’t think so there is a brand in the Indian market that can compete with the Maharaja brand. The Maharaja Whiteline Arrow Dlx CO is an air cooler that has 50 liters of tank capacity. The box-shaped compact cooler has a 2500 m3/hr air delivery system. Although you might feel that the vents of the product are smaller than the others but don’t misjudge it with this because the cooler is capable of delivering air up to 35 feet. Now is this enough for you? The 4-way air deflectors of this item can swing air along and if you want to keep it limited to just one direction, this is also possible by fixing it in one direction. The cooler works on power consumption of 220 watts.This piece will cost you about 6500 INR. Presently according to me, this is the best air cooler in India.


  • You can use it even on the inverter as it is crafted with an inverter friendly technology.
  • You are getting a very large water tank which can store up to 50 liters of water.
  • The product covers about 58 ft. which is comfortable for use in a small or medium-sized room.


  • You will have to buy a separate stand for this one as it is low in height.
  • It consumes high power which is up to 230 watts.

2. Crompton Greaves Ozone

Talking about good quality air coolers and not naming any product from Crompton in the first three-slot will not do justice to the products they make. This cooler is by far the best one for those who live in big rooms. The Ozone comes with a huge 75 liters of the tank which means you can fill the tank completely and forget it for a few days. The cooler has a wide opening for you to enjoy the cool wind coming out of it. The device has a speed control knob which helps the user to have a command on the controls and can set things according to their needs. The 3-speed knob control is always a better option. This device also functions as an air delivery of 4,600 m3/hr which is more than sufficient for a room up to 550 sq. ft. To top all this, the brand has made it so beautifully that it works at just 190 watts. With so many features, this will cost you a bit more which is about 9000 INR, but before buying this one just check with the air cooler price list.


  • Obviously, it has a large tank which means it will be comfortable for the users to fill it once and enjoy for a lot of days.
  • It has honeycomb pads, which are more effective than the wood wool pads and that is why this one is one of a kind.
  • It covers a large area of cooling things better.
  • You also get the ice cube tray in the cooler that means you are going to get better cooling.


  • The only problem that this product has is the sound that it makes.

3. Kenstar Double Cool Dx

Kenstar is one brand that has been in business for a long time now. The double cool Dx is a magnificent cooling material that will give you a good time. The box type cooler has a dual channel which is split from between. It is not just stylish but brilliant in the body as well. The built quality of the cooler is awesome for plastic material. You get a 2-speed control knob in this product which helps you to adjust the speed and channel of the wind while it is on. The cool Dx will just consume 200 watts of power. You can buy this product in approximately 7400 INR and you get 50 liters of the tank to fill up and forget.


  • The capacity of the cooler is good as you get 50 liters of the tank.
  • There is an inlet which is in 3 directions.
  • The air flow of the cooler is pretty good.


  • The height of the cooler is small so you would need to buy a stand for this.
  • The cooling pads are outdated ones which are wood wool pads. You will have to change them more often.

4. Bajaj Platini PX97 36L Air Cooler

You must have heard about this one a lot of times because Bajaj Platini PX97 36L Air Cooler is not new to the market. This product is better than others and has an advantage over others because you are going to get an intelligent cooler after paying somewhere around 5400 INR and also just check the air cooler price list online. The product from Bajaj is one of a kind because it has intelligence with decent cooling. It has a comparatively smaller tank than others which is about 36 liters but it is an efficient product because it consumes just 100 watts while operating. For a room of size up to 150 sq. ft. this cooler can do wonders. Moreover, the perk that you can have with this one is mobility due to its wheels.


  • This is an efficient product because it works on a power supply of just 100 watts.
  • You get a decent tank which is36 liters.
  • You also get a warranty of 1 year.


  • It feels as if you are giving just too much for this one, with so many other options as well.

5. Symphony Diet 12T 12L Tower Air Cooler

To compete with every other brand in the market we have one of the best that provides good products at a better price. You have to pay near about 6000 INR for this product but there are a few very good points that make this cooler on the top of the list. Though it has a small tank of just 12 liters you can cool things off even in a room which is 1000 sq. ft. in dimension. It has an air throw distance of 30 ft. and works wonder at just 170 watts. And if you think the cooler is pricy then just get double sure with air cooler price list on Amazon.


  • It consumes less power than the others.
  • The wheels to the cooler are multi-directional which helps in easy movement of the product.
  • You also have a mosquito net in the pads that keeps them away from entering in it.
  • The fiber body is rust proof.


  • A bit overpriced than those which are in this arena.
  • It has a small water tank which is just 12 liters.

So if you are already inclined towards getting one of these, then it is not going to be a bad decision but if you still want some more options then you just can check out the website of Newzli.

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