Best and Affordable Mixer Grinders in India for Home Use


Cooking is an art and it can be easily achieved by making use of quality ingredients and appliances. A good mixer grinder is an appliance you cannot do efficient cooking without it. You can do various tasks with the help of a mixer grinder like blend, grind, chop and powder all kind of ingredients. Usually mixer grinder comes in a 3 jar set one for dry grinding, wet grinding and chutneys. Some models provide additional jar for juices and smoothies and shakes.

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Mixer grinder is a long term investment and it is used every day. Wattage and speed are two important factors while buying a good mixer grinder. You can buy 500 watts to 750 watts mixer grinders for kitchen purpose. Speed is another factor which is calculated in Rotations per Minute (RPM) lets discuss some quality mixer grinders you can buy for your kitchen.

Bosch Truemixx Pro 1000 watt Mixer Grinder

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 750 Watts 4 Jars Mixer Grinder which is designed with a copper motor that ensures durability. It is a must-have item for every kitchen. It comes with high-grade stainless steel blades. It is equipped with ergonomically designed handles for better grip and ease. The body is made with ABS plastic. It comes with Stone Pounding Technology for dry grinding resulting in authentic taste and Fluffy Wet Grinding from Active Flow Breaker Technology.

It is 4 jars mixer grinder online to get a powerful mixer grinder for your home. It provides longlasting performance at a great price. It also comes with a overload protector.  It comes with 1 x Plastic blender jar (1500 ml), fruit filter, 1 x Wet grinding jar (1500 ml), 1 x Dry grinding jar (1000 ml), 1 x Chutney grinding jar (400 ml). The on-device control type is knobs. It comes with 3-speed settings.

It has Great Motor speed of 18000-22000 RPM and having 24 months warranty.

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Bajaj Rex 500 Watt Mixer Grinder-

It is 500 Watts stainless steel Mixer grinder and having 3 jars size 1.20 litre liquidizing jar 0.8 litre multi purpose jar and 0.3 litre chutney jar. It has 3 speed control with incher for momentary operation. It has easy grip jar handelsand multi functional blade system with elegant body design. It has shiny finesse to the appliance that will enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

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Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt mixer grinder

Prestige Iris Plus Mixer grinder has a powerful motor of 750 watts which will grind all types of food with ease  it comes with 3 versatile jars made up of quality stainless steel with capacity of 1.5 litre wet jar with blade, 1 litre dry jar with blade and 300 ML  chutney jar with blade and 1 transparent juicer with blade. It has an appealing design and having sturdy handles for smooth operation. It has 2 years of warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.

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PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder 

This Mixer Grinder has powerful 750 W Motor with compact set up which fits in to most of your kitchen requirements and will take minimum storage space. It has gear drive technology which supports food processing. It includes Mixer Grinder, Chef pro Bowl, Chutney Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Wet jar, Pulp Extractor, chopping attachment, Fine shredding tool, Fine slicing tool and kneading Tool. It has powerful motor of 750 W and revolution of 20000RPM. It comes with 2 years warranty.

It is having high quality stainless steel jars which enable grinding batters, purees and pastes, milkshakes and lassi in multipurpose jar. Small jar supports to grind chutneys and dips.

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Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft Mixer Grinder

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It has 500 watt High performance copper motor and specially designed nickel blades for super fine grinding. It has extra thick jars for longer life and heavy duty grinding at ease. It has flow breaker in jars for fast and effective grinding. It has 2 years warranty on motor and 2 years warranty on product. It has sleek and compact body with 3 jars which gives your kitchen a contemporary and graceful touch with a hint of stylish. it has innovative design in which you can continuous grind for 35 min by 5 min on and 2 min off you can easily complete 7 cycles like this without worrying of overload it has overload protection -2.2A

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