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Baby skin is Delicate and thin. Mothers of newborn have to pick unique and gentle products for baby skin. Brands that are popular and best in terms of producing baby products are those who provide products that are mild on skin of baby. You can add the moisturizers, baby oils and lotion and essential kit in your baby kit. Let’s explore some products which are essential for baby care.

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Best Baby Products you can pick for your little one

Figaro Olive oil for massage– This oil is rich in Vitamin E and 100% Pure Olive oil with 100% Natural ingredients. It is very mild on your baby skin and non Irritant. It is rich in antioxidants and provides a shine on your baby skin. It suits all types of skin and perfect as massage oil for babies. It is multipurpose you can use it as massage oil and it is good for hair care. It has no chemical content and provides extra glow on the baby skin.

Himalaya Baby Body Lotion- Himalaya baby lotion is an excellent moisturizer with the power of herbs and olive oil. Vitamin E present in this lotion will keep the baby skin moisturized.  It has almond oil which is a natural moisturizer which makes skin supple and soft. It will keep baby skin moisturized. Himalaya products are best in class.

Natural Diaper Rash Cream- Baby skin can become red and sore with exposure to wetness and chemicals in regular diapers This Moms company Diaper rash cream is a protective barrier to protect baby soft skin its key ingredients are Shea butter, organic cocoa butter and Hydrolyzed pat protein which helps in diaper rash and inflammations while keeping baby skin soft and moisturized.

Himalaya Gentle Baby wash- it is a gentle soap free formula to gently cleanse baby’s skin which is made up of natural ingredients like chickpea, Fenugreek, Green Gram  which helps in nourishing the skin and removing dirt without causing any irritation. It does not dry your infant’s skin and retains its moisture. It is totally safe for your baby due to natural ingredients it contains.

Natural Talc free baby powder– This baby powder is corn based natural baby powder which absorbs the moisture keeping chubby folds dry and without use of harmful talc it is specially designed for babies first three years safe and gentle for all little one.

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Naturals bath Essentials for baby-natural baby bath essentials are made to be tear free and gentle on baby’s skin it has no chemicals added and natural toxin free products leave your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. it has coconut based cleansers, organic Avocado oil, Jojoba oil , Rice bran Oil which are mild on babys skin and gives a radiant look.

Mamaearth Orange toothpaste for kids- This toothpaste is free from sulphates and safe on Baby’s teeth. It is formulated with fluoride , aloe Vera and natural orange flavor which provides complete protection from tooth decay , cavity and bacteria.

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