Best Cricket bats you can buy in India


One of the most famous sports in India is cricket, which is quickly getting recognition on a global scale. The majority of teenagers participate in cricket, and we enjoy watching our cricketing icons Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Virat Kholi because they keep the game interesting and advance us. We enjoy playing cricket as well as witnessing it played, so a top-notch cricket bat is required.

Lets discuss the best cricket bat you can buy in India

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Top cricket bats in India

1. DSC Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat- it is made from Kashmir willow wood with advanced grip technology which is extra soft and ergonomically shaped. it is lightweight and ideal for recreational play with leather cricket ball. It was handmade in India by a skilled craftsman. You can play cricket with one of the finest bat available in India.

 2. Elevar Gully – Kashmir Willow Bat- it has new dual-purpose grip that reduces twisting and improves bat control. It has a perfectly balanced blade improves lift and bat speed. It is made up with superior willow wood with thick edges and a large sweet spot for an all around powerful batting experience.

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3. MRF Kashmir willow cricket bat-This cricket bat has a conventional form and a sturdy head. It is ideal for all types of players and offers excellent value. This bat’s conventional form and ideal weight distribution make it simple to take up. For young athletes who are eager to improve their batting abilities, it is the perfect option. For players seeking for a decent all-around game bat that won’t break the bank, this is the best option. The 1CT15110 Champ Cricket Willow Cricket Bat is a versatile model with top-notch functionality and a reasonable price. This bat’s distinctive design will help you play with assurance on the pitch without breaking the bank.

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4. SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat –This SG cricket bat has a traditional shape and is fashioned from the best Kashmir willow that has been firmly pressed. These SG cricket bats have an exceptional grip and have been used in numerous live cricket contests.

5. Kookaburra Adult Cricket Bat –The kookaburra kahuna Prodigy 40 Cricket Batting made with quality Kashmir willow. These are made up with utmost care and are of supreme quality which are so good with playing on casual or formal matches.

6. Reebok-The grade 2 English willow cricket blade used in the Reebok Icon is of the highest quality. It has three to six linear granules. The typical Reebok production process, which includes naturally seasoning willow and traditional bat processing techniques, is used to create the Reebok Icon English Willow Cricket Bat. It features nine peace cane handles for excellent lifting and versatility. This bat’s high-quality English willow construction ensures long-lasting sturdiness. This bat weighs between 1180g and 1250g. The Reebok Icon English Willow Cricket Bat is designed specifically for top-tier athletes.

In India, the top four manufacturers of cricket bats are Reebok, SS, SG, and MRF. In India, they are the top producers of cricket bats

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