Best Gold Facial Kits to enhance your Beauty

Gold Facial Kit

Gold Facials are best to enhance your beauty it will leave your skin Flawless and Glowing. There are gold Particles present in these facials it will polish the skin and clear the impurities form the pores. It will make your skin Supple, soft and bright. You can also do these facials at the comfort of your home.

You have to choose the best facial kit according to your skin type . if we talk about the range Branded gold facial kit will starts from Rs 500 to 1200 . you have to pick the best Gold facial Kit according to your skin Type. It will definitely take care of your skin issues. next you have to check the ingredients of the facial kit as it should be 100% natural for the skin and free from any harsh chemicals . lets discuss the best Gold Facial kits for healthy and glowing skin.

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Best Golf Facial Kits available in India

1. VLCC Gold Facial Kit- VLCC Gold Facial Kit is made up with Quality Ingredients Ilke 24K Gold Bhasma , Rose petal extracts , Turmeric And aloe vera . it helps in exfoliate your skin and detoxify it and provide porcelain like smoothness. it will accelerate cell renewal and giving your skin a youthful Glow. it will gently nourish your skin tone and gives you a radiant look.

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2. Biotique Gold Radiance facial Kit- This Gold Facial Kit will contain Gold scrub , Gold Gel , Gold Cream and Gold Peel Mask and swiss magic Dark spot corrector. Biotique is based on 5000 Year Old ayurvedic recipes known for Celebrate body mind and spirit. It is organically pure and preservative free and tested for safety . it has multiple benefits on skin. It Promotes blood circulation adding a sparkle to your complexion it will boost the cell renewal and boost the skin elasticity.

3. Lotus radiant facial Kit- It brightens the complexion and prevents premature aging. It lightens blemishes and promotes even skin tone. It is enriched with antioxidants, chemical free, cruelty free and provides instant glow. it revitalizes your skin and boost the collagen production in skin. It will restore and replenish your skin natural glow to make you look enviously radiant in no time.

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4. Shahnaz Husain 24 carat Gold Kit- This Gold skin care kit is a sensational innovation in achieving skin beauty and radiance it will provide age defying pure gold scrub, gold Mask , gold gel and moisturizing cream. Your skin feels refreshed and soothed

5. Oxy Glow Gold Facial Kit- Oxy Glow facial kit is enriched with Gold oxides .it boosts the cell production and relieves skin inflammations. it gives an even tone to your rough surfaced skin. It vanishes skin rashes and irritation. It helps to maintain elasticity of your skin. it has main ingredients like Sunflower oil, Almond Oil, Rosewater, Gold Pigment and Jojoba oil. It helps in reducing melanin and cleans off the impurities and dirt by doing deep cleansing of the skin. It helps to repair your skin tissues. It reduce fine lines , dull skin and wrinkles.

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