Best Helmets You can buy for your safety

Bike helmets

Motorcycle helmets help to keep riders secure by shielding their heads in the event of an accident. They lower the chance of brain injury by 69% and death by 42%. The rider’s face and complete cranium are protected by the full-face helmet. It provides the most protection around your head and neck. As a result, it is regarded as the safest form of headgear for preventing serious injuries. Bicycle helmets are made to withstand a single severe collision, such as a tumble onto the ground. The helmet’s foam substance will crush to absorb impact energy during a fall and will not shield you from a later collision. Lets discuss the best helmets you can wear for your safety.

Best helmets available in India

1. Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator – This ISI-certified graphics helmet features a high impact proof thermoplastic exterior. It has breathable cushioning, a neck protector, and extra ease for long journeys. Italian Design Hygienic Interior with Multipore Ventilation for Better Airflow in Hot Weather. It has an automatic visor and a quick release button system for raising the visor. The rest of the innards are clean and removable. Interiors are intended to accommodate any Bluetooth or hands-free device.

Best Buy @Amazon

Best Buy @Amazon

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2. Vega Cliff Helmet- It has an ABS substance exterior with a texture finish. It has an ISI approved metallic fast release quiet buckle. It is scratch and UV proof, and it has one tongue vent and one exit vent. This Vega helmet is ISI-approved and made of impact-resistant materials, guaranteeing that there is no sacrifice on quality. This helmet has a compact form and comes with ABS for impact resistance while offering maximum safety and convenience.

3. Royal  enfield visor helmet- It has an open visage with a visor and is constructed of high impact quality thermoplastic casing. It features a high density EPS lining for improved impact attenuation. It has a fabric, mesh, and polyster comfort lining. Both the painted surface of the helmet and the visor surface are UV treated for increased longevity; you can use a towel to clean the internals. Cleaning with helmet spray cleansers is recommended. Chemicals should not be used to clean the exterior casing. A gentle damp cloth should be used to clear any stains.

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4. Edge helmet- Edge helmets are ISI approved and constructed of high impact ABS material shell with texture finish. It has a detachable and washable liner, as well as being odour proof, which helps the helmet remain fresher for longer between cleanings. It is also removable and replaceable, with optional cushions of varying thickness for a more tailored fit. These helmets are both scratch and UV proof.

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5. Studds expanded Helmet- The Studds Urban Half/Open Face Helmet comes in a range of designs and colours. The helmet’s UV-resistant paint gives a long-lasting and opulent finish, stopping the hue from fading. It has Regulated Density EPS, which offers optimum all-around head protection in the event of an accident. Its Hypoallergenic Liner protects motorcyclists from allergies or infections caused by extended contact with damp helmet inserts or hot/rainy weather.

6. LS2  Helmets- A helmet for rolling on roadway or getting lost on isolated paths on a scooter or recreational motorbike. It is available in basic colours as well as flashy patterns. Stream is a cutting-edge helmet with an aerodynamic and highly durable exterior. The UV Resistant visor and polycarbonate screen prevent picture distortion, which, combined with the interior sun protection, optimises vision during any excursion, ensuring optimum safety.

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7. TVs- TVS Motor Company is India’s third largest 2-wheeler manufacturer, producing the widest range of 2-wheelers, including mopeds, scooters, commuter motorcycles, and racing-inspired bikes, as well as all necessary accessories such as helmets, vehicle care products, bike body and seat covers, and so on. Whatever your needs are, they have a solution for you. The strength of TVS motor is its intensive research and development, which results in goods that are industry leaders in terms of innovation. This helmet has an outer shell made of a unique high impact industrial thermoplastic. System of Dynamic Ventilation for improved ventilation.

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