Best Perfumed talcum powder to beat summer heat with burst of freshness


Constant body odour and sweaty hands can embarrass you this summer. Heat waves produce constant sweating and results in body odour. People try to get rid of this problem by spraying loads of body sprays constantly on them but failed. You can use a best talcum powder instead which provide dryness, does not harm the skin with rashes or acne and results in freshness all day. Talcum powders are coming with ingredients like sandalwood, mint, ashwagandha and flower extracts which are mild on skin and creates a cooling sensation in skin which prevents body odour. Let’s discuss best perfumed talcum powder which is most effective to survive in this summer heat.

1. Nivea Talcum powder for Men and women

Nivea is Perfumed talc which provides care and protection with a pleasant and refreshing fragrance. It prevents body odour with care it can be used by men and women and dermatological approved.

2. Yardley London Gold talc for Men

Yardley London Gold Talc for Men is luxury perfumed talc which will leave your skin super soft and fragrant all day. It will leave a pleasant cooling sensation which will make your body odour free.

3. Enchanteur French Magic talc for women

Enchanter luxurious powdery talc is one of the best talc for women which leave you with soft silky and fragrant skin. it has a variety of fragrances like Bulgarian roses, white jasmines, violets and vanilla which will fill your senses with a touch of magic.

4. Ponds Dream flower Talcum powder

if you want instant after shower freshness go for ponds it is created with pink lilies and absorbs sweat fights bacteria and gives you a fresh feeling whole day. It will provide you a matte and non oily look which will enhance your glow.

5. Forest essential Silken Dusting powder

it is a corn starch based powder which is 100% natural and highly absorbent will leave your skin Smooth and refreshed. It is Free from chemicals and comes in eco friendly packaging

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