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A shirt is a functional piece of apparel that offers you a distinctive image during events, meetings, and gatherings. Shirts are always useful to you, whether you are working in an office or wish to portray an image of strength. Let’s talk about one of the well-known shirt brands offered in India.

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1. Raymond- Raymond is a perfect choice for branded shirts. This company is making customized shirts since 1925 and since then it provides ultimate comfort and super fitting of shirts. It provides a large variety of formals and casual shirts for men and women. The shirts of Raymond will cost you around more than 3000 per shirt. These shirts are made with 100% cotton. It has solid pattern, modern and slim fitting.

2. Peter England- peter England is an Indian brand of Aditya Birla group. It is very well known for high quality garments for export to other countries. They have unique clothing type which cannot be compared with any other brand and it is quite fir and comfortable and perfect for any occasion. It will provide regular, slim fit and comfort fit, nova fit and ultra slim fit. It will be regular and slim fitting and crafted with 100% cotton.

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3. Allen solly- Allen solly is famous brand of T-shirts for men and women. it is a British brand which is introduced in India in 1993  it has many shirts available for different age groups. It provides, casual, formal and semi formal t shirts for men. It provides several options slim, average , tailored and slim fit.  It is made with pure cotton fabric.

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4. Louis philippe- LP is famous for the collection of formal shirts. It is known for creating best men’s clothing. It will offer both conventional and contemporary clothing for men. This international brand was created in 1989 and dominated the market in the segment of formal shirts and semi formal shirts  which are so popular among men. It offers slim fit, Regular fit , classic fit and straight fit. these shirts offers optimum comfort and made with 78% cotton , 20% nylon and 2 % spandex.

5. Flying Machine- flying machine is a brand that has been originated in India and has maintained the level of quality, premium and luxury. It is also regarded as the youngest apparel brand of India. it is founded in 1980 and focus on the clothes of young people. It ahs superb range of casual shirts for both men and women. There are attractive quality of checks, stripes and colored shirts for men. It uses 100% cotton fabric for making shirts and curved neckline it provides slim and regular fitting shirts.

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6. Levi’s- it is one of the big brand name which has been used for clothing since 1853. It has vast collection of high end shirts and accessories.  It provides casual and formal shirts for every occasion which are made with 100% cotton. It comes with a front pocket and features short sleeves with a classic collar and button closure.

7. Blackberry’s- it is one of the India’s top shirt brands available for men. It began to exist in 1991 and owned by mohan clothing which is a popular shirt brand. It offers a wide variety of shirt designs which are suitable for every occasion. It offers a wide range of fits that instantly make you stand out. These are expensive shirts but worth its investment. These shirts are made with 100% pure cotton and slim fit shirt with all over print .it is comfortably fitted , slim, trim, fashionable and comfortably equipped.

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