Best Tea Brands to give you energy boost in morning

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Tea or chai is the favourite beverage of India. It is just easy to make and will give us energy in the morning to start the day. A good tea will uplift your mood, relieve your stress gives you energy boost. Different people have different tea preference like Masala tea, ginger tea, Black tea, herbal tea, Green tea, lemon tea. But whatever the colour or flavour of the tea it is the classic beverage and loved by all. Whether in happiness or in sadness we can have tea. In India there are chai lovers in every street every home so let’s discuss some brands who offered quality tea which will cherish your taste buds.

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Top Rated Tea Brands in India

1. Tata Tea– this is one of the best tea companies in India. Tata Tea has huge customer base and provides best quality tea. Tata has good range of exceptional teas which are available outside India also. Tata tea premium is best to satisfy your morning tea craving.

Features of Tata Tea Premium

1. This has a great flavour a good texture and made from classic blend of choti Patti and bade Patti will give you a strong tea whole day and refresh you with its aroma.

2. Tata Tea premium has a right balance of flavour and aroma and fits in to Indian tea demand

3. The pricing is little high from other brands as good products has a good price range as well.

2. Taj Mahal – Taj mahal is owned by the popular tea company from UK Brook Bond. It provided quality tea for last many years in Indian market. The tea leaves are derived from Assam Darjeeling and Tripura which provides quality product with amazing taste. It will uplift your mood and gives you energy boost.


1. Quality tea leaves are from Assam which provides great taste.

2. It is strong tea with good flavour.

3. You can consume it as black tea or milk tea ideal for both the usage.

4. It is also available in tea dust and tea bags which has flavour lock technology.

3. Brooke Bond- Brooke Bond has a large customer base in Indian market. it has provided quality tea around the world and in India launched as Red label.


1. It is rich in flavours.

2. it work directly with tea farmers.

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4. Tetley-Tetley was acquired by Tata consumer products in 2000 and has grown more after that it is one of the nest herbal teas


1. It adds refreshing vibes and aroma to everyday’s life with good taste

2. It has good flavours of lemon mint and ginger in it.

3. Teabags are 100% free from plastics and staples.         

4. Best tea for weight loss

5. Wagh Bakri- Wagh bakri is owned by Gujarat tea processors and packers limited. it is one of the top 10 tea manufacturers of india. It has strong aroma and taste.


1. It is best tea quality with fantastic aroma

2. It has good taste and nice fragrance.

3. It provides boost of energy.

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