Beware of fake Sites, Apps offers Covid vaccine registration; Check details


Our government is alerting all people about fake covid vaccine registration apps and websites which are spreading through sms . People are trapping in online scams through these websites and apps. As we all know there is a shortage of vaccine in each state and hackers are taking advantage of this thing all the vaccination drive in India is digital and you can register for the same through aarogya setu App or Cowin  website which are launched by our government. Here is a list of sites and apps  you should avoid for vaccine registration.

1. Apk files – please don’t install any APK files on your smartphone to register for vaccine as these apps are fake and it could be a virus. If you got any sms to download any of APK file please ignore those messages it can be virus or attackers can hack your phone contact list and unnecessary permission given to these apps can lead to online scam CERT(Computer emergency response team )said in his advisory.

2.Covid-19.APK  is a fake covid registration app it is used to take personal data of those users who will install this app.

3. Delhi police is alerting people for this fake cowin website url –“HTTPS://APP.PREPROD.CO-VIN.IN/LOGIN Please dont visit this portal for vaccine registration “”.

4. One another fake registration website is HTTP://SELFREGISTRATION.PREPRODVIN.IN. This is another fake registration website you have to avoid as it can lead to online scams.

5. please note another website HTTP://SELFREGISTRATION.SIT.COVIN.IN  it is requested not to open this site also for vaccine registration as this is a fake website.

6. some apps are also fake like Vaci_Regis.apk is also a fake app for vaccine registration.

Another app is “MyVaccin_v2.apk” which is making fool of people “Cov-Regis.apk” is also a fake app which is not doing any kind of vaccine registration. One another app which is spreading through sms is ‘Vccin-Apply.apk”.  these all Apk files are fake don’t fall in to their trap.

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