Bring positive energy to your house, Learn what direction your door should face according to Vastu


If you don’t know what Vastu Shastra is then simply stated it’s the science of architecture. The main door of the house is where everything comes into the house.


What do doors facing in different direction mean?

South west Direction- A main door which faces the south west direction is likely to bring in negative energy and misfortunes in the house and should be avoided if that is possible, but if not possible then to protect the house from these negative energies you can use hanuman pictures or quartz crystals and yellow sapphire.


South East Direction- A door facing south east direction is considered to bring illness, court cases and anger. If you already have a door facing south east then you can fix Gayatri Mantra on both sides of the main door to make the negativity go away. You can also use gems like coral and copper to reduce the effects of these negative energies.


South facing Doors- The doors facing south brings in very sharp energy which can bring an active social life but there are also cons of door facing this direction, it can also bring in arguments and disagreements, to avoid all the fights you can place two hanuman pictures on each side of your door.


West facing doors- A door facing West direction is highly positive for young people as it brings enjoyment and and a feeling of joy in their lives.


North West Facing Door- The doors facing this direction is considered extremely good as it brings in health, wealth and prosperity in the lives of the house members.


If the entrance of your house has a bare wall then you must place a statue of Lord GANESHA because an empty wall is the sign of loneliness.

Experts also say that there should be even number of doors and windows in a house.


Try implementing these methods and feel the power of positivity.

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