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Need help to choose the best Blood pressure monitors in India. As we all know, blood pressure is one of the most important vital signs and you should monitor it regularly. Due to the pandemic, extended hours of working from home can have its perks, but such a lifestyle will cause certain health issues like high cholesterol levels , high/low blood pressure  and even diabetes . You can take a healthy, balanced diet and follow a strict exercise routine to control these health issues, but it’s important to monitor the unusual symptoms in your body like high BP and diabetes. So, if you have a Bp machine at home, diagnosing high/low blood pressure and your treatment can begin quickly to control it.

Best BP Machines available in India

1. Dr. Morepen One BP02 BP Monitor

It is a fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor and easily used for checking blood pressure on a daily basis. It is a very lightweight product you can carry it with you  if you are going out. This machine averages the last three readings and can hold the memory of 120 records. It is clinically tested for reliable measurements. It will detect irregular heartbeats. it comes with a limited one year warranty and it has no low power indicator.

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2. Omron HEM 7120

This is fully automatic blood pressure monitor operating on an oscillometric principle for accurate results. It fits arm circumference (22-32Cm). This device uses advanced intelliSense technology for comfortable and controlled inflation without the need of pressure pre sitting or re-inflation. Even a slight pressure change can be detected, resulting in the most accurate measurement. It detects irregular heartbeat. it comes with 3 years of warranty and lifetime support provided by Omron.

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3. Dr. Trust smart Dual talking BP monitor

DR Trust BP smart is the easiest BP monitor to use. It is fully automatic and it has dual talking guidance (Hindi, English) or mute modes. It comes with USB port Connectivity supports multiple peripheral devices. It works very efficiently for individual users. it has a stylish extra wide cuff (22-42cm) which fits all arms easily. It stores up to 120 measurements of 2 users and it can be recalled whenever required.

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4. HeathSense Heart mate BP 144

it has a talking function which supports BP readings with WHO Bp level compliance & pulse in English. You can switch on/off the function according to requirement. It has large self-lit LED display & an acrylic screen with oversized easy to read fonts even in darkness and intelligent pressure sensing technology for precise measurements. It has 1 year onsite warranty on manufacturing defects and ensures customer support on time.

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5. AccuSure As series automatic and advance features Bp machine

it is easy to handle fully automatic with extra large LCD display for ease of reading. It is equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system. It can store 60 readings in his memory. it detects irregular heartbeat and provides a USB port for charging. It has a limited one-year warranty.

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Features of a Right blood pressure Monitor

Important criteria you can check while buying suitable BP monitors for home purposes.

1. Make sure you pick the blood pressure monitor which is not too technical. Purchase the one you can easily follow the instructions to use.

2.  It should not be too small and supports a suitable screen which can be read easily. It should have a big and bright display.

3. Always check the cuff that one needs to wrap around the arm for calculating the BP reading. Undersized and oversized cuffs will not provide accurate results.

4.  Check if the Bp device has some memory to store the reading. It is easy to check the previous readings and compare them with new ones.


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