Budgeted Electric Kettles for Home Use


Electric kettle is basically a electric appliance that has a self contained heating unit for heating water it also automatically switches Off when the water reaches boiling point or at a preset temperature which is below 100 degree Celsius. We can boil eggs, cook ready to eat meals make soup Cook oatmeal Cook rice cleansing bottles. Boiling water sometimes takes time during the winter season. It will boil water in a short span of time

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Functions of electric kettle

1. Instant water Heating- heating water is convenient with an electric kettle. If you have an electric kettle you can heat water instantly and there is no worry of over boiling or dry boiling as these electric kettles are equipped with auto shut off feature. It automatically switches off when the water boils.

2. Best for variety of Hot beverages- if you have an electric kettle at home you will try lot of hot beverages. Ginger tea, hot lemonade, Mint tea and green tea are so many hot beverages you can try in an electric kettle.

3. Cook easy recipe in an electric kettle- if you are living alone or staying in a hostel you can use electric kettles to prepare simple snacks to beat the evening hunger.  You can delicious but simple snacks for yourself like instant noodles, oatmeal, pasta  and boiled eggs.

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Best and budgeted electric kettles for home use

 1. Pigeon Amaze plus Electric Kettle- The classic mirror polish of appearance makes electric kettle unique it can match with ant type of kitchen design. And it has standard power coed for safe usage and convenient storage. This cordless & BPA free electric kettle makes a striking presence on any kitchen counter or buffet in preparing and serving and it is very easy for storage. This electric kettle is 1500w that has concealed heating elements and can boil 1.5 liters of water in 5 to 7 minutes. it can be easily cleaned with the help of vinegar, baking soda water, cleaning , bottle brush and microfiber cloth  to clean your electric kettle it will cost you round Rs 600

2. Butterfly Ekn Electric kettle- it has Superior quality stainless steel body and auto cut power facility with operating wattage of 1500 Watts. It has high quality Thermostat control with capacity of 1.5 liters and cord length of 1.5 meters. It ahs one year warranty on product .its automatic cut off feature cuts off the power supply when the temperature inside exceeds the desired levels. It will protect the appliance form damage and makes it safe and improves its lifespan as well.

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3. Inalsa electric kettle- this kettle boils water in just 2-3 minutes and you can conveniently prepare Hot tea and instant soup in no time. It has large capacity of 1.5 liter. This electric kettle is convenient and safe. It has one year product warranty and genuine customer service.

4. Cello Electric kettle – it is designed for your multitasking needs this kettle performs with optimal speed and efficiency. it is suitable for heating water tea or soups this portable kettle makes an ideal solution to deliver instant results. It has easy Grip handle which stays cool to touch . it is easy to clean with a wide mouth for optimum cleaning accessibility and efficient maintenance of its durability and freshness.

5. Philips electric kettle- Philips electric kettle has a steam sensor dry boiling and overheating protection. It has power cable length adjustable as required for easy storage. It has easy opening and Closing helps to avoid Scalding. Its power consumption is 1800 watts and having 2 years warranty on product.

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