Budgeted Places you can visit this New Year to have fun

New year eve

The New Year is approaching quickly and most of us are planning where to start it off big. We have already make resolutions of healthy lifestyle, limited drinking and reading books. Don’t restrict yourself from the busy areas when you can have so much fun on New Year eve. Just follow your dreams and be there where you want to spend you new year evening.

If you want to enjoy the new year at its best travel and explore the world and if money is the only concern why you don’t want to travel we can suggest you some places where you can enjoy the new year eve in budgeted way. Lets discuss the places which are best and budgeted.

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1. OOTY- One fantastic location to travel for the new year’s celebration is Ooty. Most people know Ooty for its tea plantations. Experts can find a lot in dust, leaves, and different types of tea, including masala, jasmine, cardamom, and even chocolate. OOty is most enjoyable from April to June and from September to November. The majority of hotels, resorts, and cottages are situated close to tea plantations because they offer beautiful vistas and a tranquil, relaxing vacation.

Best places you can visit in OOTY are

1. Pykara lake where you can do boating and it has water fall point timing is Monday to Saturday and between 10 am to 6 pm

2. Mudumalai- you can do elephant and van safari here

3. DOddabetta- you can have ariel views of ooty and can watch clear views through telescope.

4. Tea estate View point- The nIlgiri region is best known for its tea plantation and most of the areas in OOty are surrounded with tea plantation.  It is one of the great tourist attractions over here. You can snap photographs here and take it as the memorable moment of your lifetime.

5. Wax Museum- The wax museum in ooty is a great alternative of sightseeing mountains and natural valleys of OOTY. It is situated just 2 km away from the main ooty city. it will make your trip more enjoyable and informative experience.

2. Kasol- The ideal location for a new year’s celebration is Kasol. It is much more of a place to unwind and do nothing. The best new year’s events in India are put on by Kasol. Silent disco is fairly popular these days, and many clubs and nightclubs view it as a refreshing alternative to the silent disco experience found at OM Negis Himalayan Camp. The name of the silent disco headphones party, kasol, literally translates to “the beginning of the new year on a fresh and musical note.” You can also visit Parvati music festival or the Israel music festival which is an open air music festival to be held in kasol and bring something new and exciting to the floor this year.

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3. Goa- Goa is the best location to ring in the new year. The atmosphere is joyful, and the beaches give lively moments to life. To celebrate the new year, you can attend a beach party. The busiest locations are Baga Beach and Calagate Beach. The largest selection of pubs, clubs, restaurants, shopping, water sports, and hotels can be found in North Goa. The off-season in Goa, when temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, and when hotel rates are much lower, makes July to September the greatest time to visit if you’re on a tight budget. The ideal month to travel to Goa is December. The most expensive time is now because hotel rates have increased as well, although you can save some money by making hotel reservations in advance. Goa is the ideal destination for the new year and is currently fashionable.

4. Manali- manali is popularly known as valley of Gods as it is nestled in the lap of Himalayas and it is the best place for tourist attractions and fun events. So it is the perfect place to celebrate the New Year. You can celebrate  new year at manali  mall road.  The whole street is decorated with quirky lights with nightlong parties and rock on music at buzzing resorts and Pubs.  You can best dressed for the occasion and can celebrate the new year with zeal. Winter carnival is one of the best places to visit on your budget trip to manali  it is one of the most exciting manali tourist destinations . solang valley beauty is amazing and many people visit to see the snow white splendor. It is absolutely stunning in winters with emerald green trees and white landscape , crystal blue skies and breathtaking mountains as far as the eye can see.

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5. Lakshadeep- From mid-October to mid-may is the ideal season to travel to Lakshadeep. All of the resorts are open all year long, but getting there by ship during a monsoon is challenging. The weather is ideal and there won’t be any snowfall in December, making it the ideal time to visit the Lakasdeep Islands. For the new year, beach resorts are ideal. One of the best spots for a wonderful new year is the bangaram island resort, which is located in the bangaram islands. Most of these places also organise New Year’s parties. You may even engage in water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling here; it’s a terrific way to start the New Year with something new.

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