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Refrigerators is one of most important device in the household or kitchen. Refrigerators work hard during summers as temperature is so hotter consuming more energy and generate big bills. If you maintain the temperature in fridge it will work more efficiently. Investment in fridge is a long term investment as it will serve you around 10-12 coming years so many factors we will consider before buying a new one for our house. Let’s discuss the best brands in India for 2022 in refrigerators

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1. LG

2. Samsung.

3. Whirlpool

4. Haier

 5. Bosch

6. Godrej


8. Videocon

9. Panasonic

10 Siemens

Rating of Best Refrigerator

How can we decide which refrigerators are best so let’s discuss some points in which this rating based

1. Features- First thing we will see in a fridge while buying new is features we will choose the one who is having most useful and convenient features

2. Online Reviews– we will check the verified reviews of the customers on different shopping sites and further decide to buy from the brand.

3. Warranty- Buying a new fridge is a long term investment so we will definitely check the warranty offers

4. Price- price of the refrigerator is main to decide the rating as features available in affordable prices is the key of picking and buying the best one.

5. After sale service- Brands and models which offer best customer service and after sale service in case of any issue is the best brands to buy for a refrigerator.

6. Complaints- The brands and models of fridge who are facing fewer complaints online and offline are the best one to pick for a long term

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5 Models you can best buy in fridge

1.LG 260 L 3 star smart inverter frost free double door fridge– It is frost free refrigerator Good for family of 4-5 people coming with 1 year warranty on product and 10 Years on compressor. It is less noise and more durable

Special Features

Door cooling

Express Freeze

Smart Connect

Smart diagnosis

LED Energy Efficient & Longer life Span

2. Whirlpool 215 L 5 star Inverter direct cool single door refrigerator

Modern door design and metallic handle is great feature of the product It is having 5 Star energy rating and coming with intellisense inverter technology

Special features

Jumbo storage( up to four 2L  Bottles  and five 1 L Bottles)

Easy defrosting

Anti bacterial gasket

3. Samsung 345 L 3 star Inverter frost free double door refrigerator- Samsung is providing double door frost free fridge coming with 1 year warranty on product and 10 Years warranty on compressor it uses less power and quite in all its operations. It is quite good foe big families

Special feature

Convertible 5 In 1 up to 88L extra space with  5 modes of different needs Power cool/ Freeze/ Voltage range

Moveable ice maker

Stabilizer free operation

4. LG 679 L frost free side by side refrigerator– if you like the side by side door technology you can best buy LG it is frost free suitable for big families having 1 year warranty on product and 10 Years warranty on compressor.

Special Features

Multi air flow cooling technology

Exterior LED  Multi digital sensors

Express Freezing

Door alarm

Child lock

Smart diagnosis

5. LG 190 L direct cool single door refrigerator- if you are looking  for price friendly  option you can buy LG 190 L direct cool single door it is good for small families and consumes less power. Price is economical and coming with 1 year warranty on product and and 10 years on compressor

Special features

 Anti bacterial gasket

Fastest ice making

Anti rat bite 

vegetable basket of 12.6 litres capacity

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