Buying a Used Car? Check these things before Payment

used car

Buying a used car is sometimes a worst experience. But if you follow a checklist before buying it can be a smooth experience for you. Let’s discuss the things you have to keep in mind while choosing a second hand car.

1. Choosing the right condition car- you have to check the cars actual condition before buying .Always try to buy newer models if it is possible for you. Never purchase those cars which have been discontinued by the company. It creates trouble for you. Check that the car should be free from any major defects. Check that the brake, emission, lighting, engine cooling, steering and suspension all are in good condition. This will save your extra charges paid on future maintenance of the car.

2. Check the entire outlook and wheels- check the entire bodywork for the signs of motor accidents.  Check the rust dents and chipped paint defects and looks at the condition of the tyres as well before buying.

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3. Check the interior- check the stereo condition air conditioning and windows unit. Check the overall interior to grab the best deal of used car.

4. Test drive- Take a test drive before buying a used car. Drive for 20 minutes at least at different speeds. You can figure out the major defects while driving the car.

5. Check the paperwork- check the original invoice, insurance and other paperwork. With registration certificate you can check how many times car was bought and sold. Check the service book and make sure that the original owner has paid all the taxes.

6. Ownership transfer Papers check- check all the paperwork like RC Pollution and cars original invoice should be transferred to new owner. Cars transfer would be made official after signing the RTO forms 29 and 30.

7. Written agreement- Always make a written agreement for the sale/Purchase of an old car. The detailed condition of the car, the sale price and the effective date of transfer of ownership to the buyer registration and insurance details should be mentioned in it.

If you want a smooth experience in buying used cars either offline or online make sure to check all these things stating above. Grab the best deal after negotiating on the right defaults in the car.

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