iPhone and Android cell phone users, here’s the way by which you can call/set up the new national emergency number (112)


1. Apple iPhones: Pressing the power catch thrice or holding the volume and power catch dials the emergencynumber. Much the same as Samsung cell phones, Apple gadgets additionally have this inbuilt component which is turned on as a matter of course. Clients can either call by squeezing the Power catch multiple times or change the setting to call by squeezing…

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Best Mobile Phones under Rs.15,000


In this global economy demand for smartphones is increasing phenomenally. To cope up with this never-ending demand the smart phone manufactures are offering their brands with various price tags to cater the needs of different classes of consumers.  Given below a list of Best Mobile Phones which are available under Rs.15,000. ( 1 ) HONOR 10 LITE This smartphone was…

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Three Steps to Restore Your Sluggish Android’s Performance


It might confound perusers to realize that the strong state memory in Android gadgets normally back off with use. Before Android 4.3 discharged, many accepted shoddy glimmer memory modules added to terrible execution. It stunned everybody that both shoddy memory and a little-known bug in Android were guilty parties. All Android and iOS gadgets utilize crude, contrasted with work area…

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7- 48 MP camera, 4000 mAh battery, and more


The Chinese cell phone maker Xiaomi propelled its new cell phone – Redmi Note 7 – on Thursday evening. The gadget accompanies a smaller notch if you compare it with the previous Redmi Note 6 Pro and is the organization’s first cell phone to brandish a 48MP camera sensor. It will run on a Snapdragon 660 processor and is said…

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New sticker feature on WatsApp for iPhone and Android is ready and gaining a lot of popularity!


The Facebook owned company ‘WatsApp’ is all set with the new update for every user using their app in iPhone, Android, and web. WatsApp has been working on the sticker application since a long time.   You must have received some really cool stickers during Diwali, well this feature was enabled last week and since then it has become quite…

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How to avoid downloading fake apps on your smartphone


Many a time you might have downloaded fake applications in your device and may not have known. However, downloading these fake applications can cause dire consequences which you should be aware of. It can harm your device plus the danger of losing personal information and other essential information. That’s why you should always download genuine apps only. Fake apps will…

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New smartphone application can now track your attentiveness at work


Researchers have built up a cell phone instrument that can track a man’s attentiveness at work and recognize when one is generally more productive at work. The apparatus called AlertnessScanner created by analysts at Cornell University in the US quantifies student estimates the size of the pupil through a burst of photos taken each time clients open their cell phones.…

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Best laptops to buy in India between the price range of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000


Internet is bombarded with a lot of choices when it comes to buying a laptop. Laptop is a necessity for every one of us and when we have so many options, it surely creates a lot of stress to so many of us. People are always eager to buy a new one or upgrade the older one, so here, we…

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WhatsApp will no longer work on IPhone 3GS and older versions!


Recently we saw the launch of OS12, and soon after that we got to know that Facebook owned WhatsApp messenger app will no longer work on any other OS devices prior to 7.1.2. However, the company has not made any official statement regarding this but since the last update of their FAQ sections, there were updates about some changes in…

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3- Support 5G Networks and Hands-On Video Tips Manual Camera Slider


Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is in the news and for all the good reasons. Their upcoming premium smartphone is completely ready to unveil something extraordinary this year in the month of October. This upcoming phone will be a bezel-less smartphone with premium design language. Official teaser for this brand-new edition is also being released. According to the teaser, it seems…

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