Common causes of Feeling Fatigue and sleepy all the time


We should follow a healthy lifestyle to lead long and healthy life. It should be followed by following adaptive patterns for a healthy lifestyle. We all know that a healthy body supports a healthy mind. Our body requires proper nutrition and sufficient proteins and vitamins for proper growth. 

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We need a diet full of carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, minerals proteins and vitamins and water for good health. If you face the continuous fatigue and sleepy all the time you can identify the deficiency by doing some tests. Some common causes of feeling fatigue and sleepy all the time are

1. Imbalanced diet– A balanced diet is high in vegetables and fruits will provide you enough vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy weight and healthy life. If you have lack of Vitamin A,C, D ,E calcium it will give you sleep problems. If you will eat a lot of carbohydrates it will make you feel sleepy and tired.

If you will eat small frequent meals it will give a good effect on fatigue.

Items which reduce fatigue and sleepiness

1. Milk and Milk products

2. Citrus fruits

3. Vegetables

4. eggs and lean meat

5. pulses and grains

2. Dehydration- many activities we do cause daily water loss which can be restored. If we have too much dehydration problem it will cause fatigue . if we consume sufficient liquids it will maintain a healthy level.

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3. Overweight- if you want to maintain good health you have to maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight it will raise the incidence of obstructive sleep apnea which cause the daytime sleepiness. A healthy weight will help to have good sleep and maintain your energy levels which will prevent weight gain and lethargy.

4. Lack of proper sleep- if you will have a sound sleep at night your body cells will regenerate and repairs accordingly. After sound sleep our body feels refreshed and energized. Insomnia is a problem which can occur due to many reasons like stress, health problems and unfavorable sleep conditions. If you are continuously facing insomnia you should visit a doctor.

5. continue Medication- if you feel drowsy whole day it can be adverse effect of having too much drugs. Some drugs also cause extreme sleepiness

1. medicines for cough and cold

2. Antidepressants

3. Medicine for vomiting, nausea and high blood pressure.

4. Medicines for anxiety

If you feel the side effects of any medication consult with your doctor immediately.

6. Ageing- Middle age people experience a reduction at sleep and aged people spend most of the time at bed but have worst sleep pattern. So change in lifestyle followed by doctors advice can help in this stage you can take help of sleep medications after consulting your doctor.

Some kind of medical disorders, nutritional deficiency, excessive caffeine consumption or stress can be the reasons of feeling sleepy all the time or feeling fatigue. If you find no reason for your worst sleep patterns talk to your doctor and get your body examined through medical test. It will help in finding the exact reason behind poor sleep pattern or feeling fatigue all the time.

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