Do you have problem of Snoring Loudly you could be affected from a dangerous disease; Check Details


If you are facing the problem of snoring loudly, feeling fatigue entire day and problem in getting fall asleep you could be affected with a common sleep related breathing disorder called Obstructive sleep Apnea. It is life threatening if for a long time it is not getting treated. In this problem a person breathing starts and stops repeatedly. A person suffering from this disease facing lack of oxygen in brains which put them at risk of many more problems.

Problems Arising from Sleep Apnea

1. Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious disease you can’t ignore. A person who suffers from it will get tired soon, laziness all day and sleepy throughout the day.

2. There is problem occurred during surgery in the affected patients of OSA as after giving anesthesia they can suffer difficulty in breathing.

3. People suffering from this disease may fall asleep suddenly while watching TV, driving or working.

4. People find him difficult to concentrate on anything.

5. Oxygen level of your body starts to decrease which increases the blood pressure.

6. High blood Pressure will stress your cardio system and people suffering from obstructive sleep Apnea have the problem of High blood pressure.

7. High blood pressure is the cause of heart related problems.

8. If you are suffering from obstructive sleep Apnea you are at risk of heart attack, Heart failure or stroke.

9.  Heart beat become abnormal as blood pressure drops many times.

10.  If you have both obstructive sleep apnea and heart related problem then your life is at risk as chances of sudden death increases significantly.

When to see a doctor

1. If you are snoring so loudly that disturbs the sleep of others

2. Waking up gasping or choking

3. Feeling paused breathing during sleep

4. Feeling drowsiness whole day which will because you feel asleep watching TV working or driving a vehicle.

Loud snoring does not indicate serious every time but it does not mean that who snore loudly will be affected from obstructive sleep apnea.

Consult your doctor if you snore loudly especially if your snoring disturb the sleep of others. usually snoring is loudest when you are sleeping in your back in obstructive sleep apnea and it quiets when you turn on your side consult your doctor if loud snoring is followed by drowsiness in daytime fatigue and feeling sleepy and irritable.

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