Early signs which shows that your kidney is at risk

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Kidneys are bean sized organ on either side of our spine. Kidneys are important organs of our body. Its main job is to filter the blood. And removes waste, control the fluid balance and keep the right levels of electrolytes. Each Kidney has millions of tiny filters called nephrons. There are so many signs indicating a kidney disorder. Let’s discuss some major warning signs which show that your kidney is at risk.

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1. Weakness and fatigue- weakness and early fatigue is a major symptom which shows a kidney disease. Its main reason is to accumulation of toxins and impurities in blood which results in poor kidney function. Sometimes people ignored it completely and do not investigate about the reason.

2. loss of appetite- when there is advancement in kidney disease there will be change of taste which is often described as metallic by the patients leading to poor or loss of appetite.

3. Morning nausea and vomiting- early morning nausea and vomiting is again early signs of worsening renal function it will add poor appetite to your routine. At end stage renal failure patient may have vomits and total loss of appetite.

4. changes in urine – your urine frequency is affected due to kidney disease. Sometimes urine output will decrease and sometimes you may need to urinate more at night.

5. Foamy urine or blood in urine- if the filtering mechanism of kidney is being damaged there will be foamy urine or blood cells starts leaking in to urine.

6. Dry and itchy skin- there will be dry and itchy skin and foul smell comes out of skin if there is kidney disease in your body as toxins tend to accumulate in your body.

7. Backache and lower abdomen Pain- There will be pain in back and lower abdomen and swellings comes over the anklets, feet or legs.

8. High Blood pressure- high blood pressure is again the sign of a kidney disease. As kidney function deteriorates there will be sodium and water retention in the body leads to high blood pressure.

9. if you face puffiness around your eyes is one of the earliest sign of kidney disorder.

If you early recognize these signs it will definitely beneficial for your health. Early detection and treatment of kidney disorder will save your life.

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Foods for best kidney health

If you want to maintain good kidney health add these foods in to your diet

1. cabbage

2. Fatty fish

3. Onion

4. Red bell pepper

5. Cranberries

6. Pumpkin seeds

7. Cherries

8. Lemon Juice

9. Water

If you are facing any kidney disorder you should avoid these foods

1. High protein foods

2. salt and salty foods

3. Fruits and vegetables high in potassium

4. Foods with phosphorus or phosphate

5. High calcium foods or high calcium supplements

6. Alcoholic drinks

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