Eat these foods to Stay Energetic in Navratri Fasting

navratri fasting

Some people think fasting is to stop eating completely or almost completely for a certain stretch of time it usually lasts from 12 hours to 24 hours. In some cases fruits, tea, coffee and a even small amount of food is required during the fast. Coconut water, fruit juices will keep you hydrated during the fasting time.  It happens a lot of times that due to lack of carbohydrates in adequate quantities we feel less energetic. Let’s discuss some tips by following you can feel energetic during the fasting days.

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1. Herbal Tea- Herbal tea is full of energy and makes you feel energetic the whole day of fasting. It helps your body to get rid of waste materials and cleanse the body.

2. Dry fruits-if you will consume dry fruits it will give you a feel of energy for the whole day. It will never let you feel hungry throughout the day. It will help conserve energy and you don’t feel lazy.

3. Juice- if you are consuming juice it is a healthy practice during the fast. Some dry fruits and juice is best in fast. Coconut water, fruit juices will keep you hydrated and maintains your electrolyte balance which will make you energetic.

4. Lemon Pudina water- Lemon and Pudina water will keep you hydrated and help to get rid of body toxins.

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5. Milk and Dairy products- you can have a glass of milk or can have fruit shakes like strawberry shake, banana shake which will hydrate you and gives a feeling of stomach full. You can even prepare a fruit chat with hung curd and mixed with some chopped apples, pears and grapes.

6. Kuttu- kuttu is commonly spotted during household in Navratri season. This flour is manufactured from  buckwheat fruit seed and can be consumed during  fasts. It can be served with aloo ki sabji and dahi raita and will give you full nutrition during the fast.

7. Sabudana- Sabudana which is rich in carbohydrates, protein, calcium, carbs , Vitamin K and starch makes you feel energetic during the fasting. It is very popular dietary component during the Navratri fasting. You can make sabudana  khichdi, kheer, papad  and other dishes from sabudana.

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Don’t overeat immediately after breaking your fast you have to take light meals. Fasting have tremendous benefits if done with faith and mindfulness. If you are pregnant  or a breastfeeding  mother you can avoid fasting  people with eating disorders and on medications with chronic diseases conditions should be very careful during fasting.

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