Educate your child with the Best online learning platforms in India: Check details


Science and technology advancements have made everything possible with a single click at your home. One of the best accomplishments in this regard is online leaning platforms for kids. As we all know during the pandemic online learning platform helps the kids to learn through online classes. So for the better future of your kid online classes will help them to overall growth. There is no need to visit anywhere you can take classes from the comfort of your home and experts will teach you in affordable prices. Let’s discuss some best online learning platforms which are best for your child

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1. Byju’s– Byjus is the largest ad tech company and the most popular and loved school learning app. It is launched in 2015 and offers highly effective and personalized learning programs for classes 1-12 and aspirants of competitive exams for JEE, IAS .Byju’s has become one of the most preferred education platform across the globe. It offers personalized learning, technology enabled learning offered by best teachers and engaging content makes the concept easy and worth learning. The major benefits of using this app it offers free counselling, offers scholarship and user friendly interface

2. Vedantu- Vedantu online classes is an incredibly tutoring platform for you it is first choice for students who wants to score full marks in CBSE and ICSE Board exams or crack any competitive exams like IIT and JEE(Mains and advanced ). They provide the liberty to choose your own tutor and doubt clarification from tutors. It offers personalized live online teaching without any extra burden on the kid. It uses wave the whiteboard Audio-Video environment which makes the real time virtual learning a reality.

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3. White Hat Jr- Coding classes are in trend right now. If you want your child to learn some extra beyond curriculum you can opt for coding classes which will secure their future. The main motive of white Jr is to fine tune the young minds for coding and app development its mission is to empower a whole generation to become creators versus consumers of technology. If you want to see your kid as an app developer and coder enroll them in white Jr. They offer a free trail class and develop technological aptitude in children. It prepares kids for programs like fellow 15 under 15 and Silicon Valley challenge.

4. Unacademy– Unacademy started in 2015 is one of the best e learning platforms. This app is basically for higher classes and competitive exams students can find interactive free as well as paid classes. The students from class 6 on wards can enroll for it and can get online lectures and study material. It provides in-depth knowledge of various subjects and makes your base for the competitive exams ahead.

5. Khan Academy- khan Academy is a Non profit organisation dedicated to provide a free world class education to everyone. It offers practice exercises instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard which empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. They focus on skill mastery to help learners establish strong foundations.

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