Effect of watching television on children

Now days due to pandemic children can’t go outside to play. So their screen time is more. if kids are watching more horror shows then they can have bad dreams during bedtime. Time spent with TV shapes the personality and attitude of the child. If they are watching right programmes it will enhance their social skills and awareness and also enhances the cognitive development in Kids. but a balance between television time and study is important as we don’t want to turn our kids in to couch potatoes and skip their overall development.

Some positive effects of watching TV on Kids

1. There are so many shows on Television which entertains the child and enhance their cognitive development like Dora the explorer, Art shows. These shows keep our children engaged  and teach them new skills as well.

2. Some educational shows inspire kids and sharpen their brain. Educational channels like sid and science kid Wild kratts teach children problem solving and sharpen their math skills.

3. Watching sports like football volleyball cricket on television can be a great thing to enhance interest in outdoor activities. These programmes encourage our kids to be sporty and healthy.

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4. Some art channels and shows drawing and painting skills. These channels taught our kids easy way of doing art which make them keep engaged and enhance their painting skills.

5. if children watch Television in a responsible way it will lead to improve their academic performance.

6. A child can improve their language skills by watching language programs and movies.

7. If children are continuously jumping around the house so watching TV is a perfect solution for that. Television will keep him engaged without being harmful to their cognitive development. But this will be a solution occasionally and does not become a habit of doing that.

Negative Effects of watching television

1. Children spend too much time in front of television. So it will lose their productive time which can be spent in playing outside doing homework.

2. kids who spend more time in front of television will face lack of concentration in classroom environments which is not good for their academic development.

3. kids who spend more time in front of television  is at the risk of developing obesity and other health disorders.

4. kids who watch more television can develop eye side weakness problem. He/she can have blurry vision or reduced vision.

5. if a child is spending more time in front of television may lack in participation in other activities.chlidren will not be able to complete their homework which leads to poor academic performance.

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