Employees’ provident fund organisation (EPFO) now allows you to withdraw money before retirement


Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has made some changes in EPF’s rules to help it’s members to avail the facility of withdrawing money to serve them better and for helping them in an emergency situation.

In it’s recent amendment the organisation allowed it’s members to withdraw 75% of their contribution after being unemoloyed for more than a month and remaining 25% when their period of unemployment is more than 2 months.

The organisation also allows the members for partial withdrawal of the contribution made for various purposes like children’s education, purchase/construction of house property, marriage of self or children etc.

Purpose of Wthdrawal, the limit of amount for partial withdrawal and Conditions applicable- While EPFO allows partial withdrawal there are some conditions attached to it

Treatment of illness- An employee can withdraw for treatment of his own illness or sickness of any family member.

Documents required- A certificate signed by the employer and a doctor is required to be submitted in advance.

Withdrawable amount

Employee’s basic salary + Dearness allowance for 6 months


 His entire contribution

Whichever is lower.

Advance for Marriage- Members of the org. Can withdraw upto 50% of their share alongwith interest for their own marriage or marriage of brother/sister/son/daughter.


  • The person is required to be a member of EPFO for a period of at least 7 years.
  • A declaration has to be filed in Form 31 by the member.

Advance for studies after 10th A partial withdrawal can be made from an EPF account for post matric studies of the children of members.


  • The person is required to be a member of EPFO for a period of at least 7 years.
  • A certificate stating the course of study and the estimated expenditure , from the head of the institution is required to be submitted.

Advance for purchase/construction of a house property-

The members are allowed to withdraw an amount upto a total of 24 months’ basic wages + D.A for purchase of Land.

And for purchase/construction of house property

The withdrawal limit is least of the following

36 months’ Basic salary + D.A


Total amount standing to the credit of the member along with interest.


Total cost of acquisition of House property.


Conditions– One has to be a member of the org. For at least 5 years in order to withdraw this amount.

This withdrawal can be made only once during the entire period of employment of an employee.

No document is required for this advance other than a Declaration by the member.

For repayment of loans in special cases- A member can withdraw least of the following for repayment of loan in special cases.

36 months’ Basic Salary + D.A


Total amount standing to the credit of the member along with interest


Total outstanding principal amount and interest.

Conditions– One should be a member of EPFO for a period of at least 10 years.

A certificate stating the o/s Principal and Interest  amount is required to be obtained from the agency.

Advance for physically challenged person- EPFO allows it’s physically challenged members to withdraw amount for purchasing equipment for their ease and comfort to reduce hardship on account of handicap.

Withdrawal limit-

6 months’ Basic salary + D.A


His own contribution along with interest


Entire cost of the Equipment

Whichever is lower.


EPF withdrawal within 1 year of retirement-

90% of the whole amount in the EPF balance of a member is allowed to be withdrawn before retirement but after 54 years of age or within 1 year of retirement/supperannuation whichever is later.

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