Famous Led lighting companies in India

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These days, a wide variety of LED lighting companies are becoming more well-known since high-quality LED lights frequently offer the finest lifetime, durability, and light output. By lowering dangers like heat emission, it also improves safety. When compared to conventional lighting, LEDs emit far less heat, making them significantly safer. Let’s talk about the top LED lighting companies in India.

Best LED lighting companies in India

1. Philips-Philips has one of the biggest market in India as far as the LED lights are concerned. It is one of the most trusted brand for Led lights and this firm provides a cutting edge technology and a vast range of LED lighting solutions to the Indian customers. It has made sure that it brings all the global experience and expertise for its products in India.

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2. Havells- havells is having 14 different manufacturing locations in India alone. It is providing best quality and having fastest growing lighting firms in India. it provides green yet efficient lighting solutions and having a massive lighting portfolio

3. Syska LED- this firm is near about two decades old and in this short term they are able to hold a big market size. It is one of the best LED lighting companies in the market. It has managed to grab millions of eyeballs for all the good reasons.

4. Wipro- wipro provides advanced LED lighting technology that ensures minimal wastage of resources. It has designed and provided lighting solutions to over 60% of the green buildings within the country. It has developed products and solutions based on human centric lighting concepts intended to promote a person’s well being mood and health. It also offers mixed LED lights which can provide color output from any conceivable colour palate.

5. crompton- it is one of the top supplier of electronic solutions. It has a long standing reputation for quality and has national as well as international market for LED lighting. It has a history of producing excellent, trustworthy and energy efficient products. it also emphasizes organizational excellence.

6. Finolex- it is one of best producer of Led lighting in india which provides high quality LED lights according to its client demands.. it provides best solutions for household and commercial applications  it has glare free calming lighting and the structure is slim and compact.

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7. Corvi-  it provides efficient lighting. It provides cutting edge products to satisfy the consumers. The goods are distinctive and simple look which intended to increase the functionality and illuminates the largest possible area. It has zero maintenance, easy installation and lifetime warranty.

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