Five artworks to display in your living room and house to bring prosperity

koi fish

Every component of your home, according to Vastu Shastra, has an impact on the energy of the room. Everything in the living environment, from paintings and decorative pieces to plants and the placement of doors and windows, may assist you draw in either positive or negative energy. The walls of our living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and guest rooms are mostly decorated with paintings. To demonstrate their passion for and expertise in the arts, collectors carefully choose certain works of art by well-known artists.

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Running Horses Painting – A picture of horses in motion has significant meaning for vaastu. They stand for happiness, job success, marriage, and good fortune. Seven galloping horses in your picture can bring you stability in your finances.If there are eight horses rushing in the artwork, it will bring luck to your family members in all facets of their lives. It may be hung in the living room to the east or north.

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Koi Fish Painting– Paintings of koi fish stand for peace and balance. According to Feng Shui, it is seen as fortunate. It will make the stars align in your favor and bring riches into your life if you hang it in the West in your living room or home. Additionally, the picture represents the flow of money and fresh prospects. You should attempt this vastu treatment if you have been having trouble finding work or are going through a financial crisis. Your door might get knocked by brand-new professional opportunities.

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Radha Krishna Painting–  You may bring serenity and prosperity into your home, says the vastu specialist, by hanging Radha Krishna artwork on the walls of your living room or other north-facing rooms. It will enhance your love life if you hang it in the bedroom. In order to improve their relationship, couples who are having conflict may try this cure. Radha and Krishna stand for unadulterated, unselfish love. As a result, hanging their artwork in the home is seen as lucky.

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Owl Painting- Every animal has a particular meaning when it comes to vastu and astrology. Some are regarded as being sacred, while others are seen to be terrible omens. A white owl represents change and transformation in one’s life.It arrives with pleasant news and represents a significant transformation prior to cosmological transits. It represents insight and fortune. You should hang it in the south in your living room, home office, or children’s bedroom. It will draw wealth into the lives of those you care about.

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Waterfall Painting – A painting of a waterfall represents an abundance of good energy. It draws good vibes into the living area and creates peace there. It is thought to draw prosperity, fortune, and chances for advancement in both personal and professional life. Feng Shui claims that it may entice wealth into the home. It should be hung on the house’s north wall in the living room.

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