Govt says No more electricity bills to your home! Here is why


The Government of India is planning to make some changes in the billing system within the next three years. They are trying to convert every physical bill into smart prepaid meters which will make all the physical electricity bill vanish into thin air. As per R.K Singh, Minister of State for Power and New & Renewable Energy within just three years there will be no more physical electricity bill. All there will be at each and every house is the smart prepaid meters.

Amid a conversation with the meter makers, the miniter likewise said that there is a need to scale up the assembling of these meters as within the couple of years they will start seeing a huge demand for these smart meters. These prepaid meters will be made compulsory after the announcement of a particular date, as advised by the power ministers to its officials.

The arrangement of the legislature to quickly present these smart meters in the nation won’t just change the power part yet additionally diminish AT&C misfortunes, guarantee better wellbeing of DISCOMs, boost vitality protection and simplicity charge installments and furthermore create talented work for the young, the clergyman said.

It was additionally considered in the meeting  that the specialized angles will be additionally pondered into in another meeting and consultation with the meter makers, DISCOMs and framework integrators.

However, the legislature declared Rs 1.4 lakh crore KUSUM plan to advance the utilization of sunlight-based power among ranchers. The plan will be actualized from one month from now. As indicated by the administration, 4 crore families focused under the SAUBHAGYA plan would get power associations by December, in front of the March 2019 due date.

“The KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahaabhiyan) will be executed in July. Under this plan agriculturists would be furnished with sun powered water pumps,” the clergyman of intensity and new and sustainable power source said at a question and answer session. Under the plan, the legislature has wanted to give 27.5 lakh sun powered pumps (17.50 lakh independent + 10 Lakh Grid-associated).

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