Hair Colour Fashion- Pick out the Best colour for your hair

best hair colours

In today’s Modern Era people enjoy doing hair colouring and it has an important place in fashion as compared to last 50 Years. If we talk about  the hair colouring it is used for not only dying hair black but for the other colours as celebratory purpose. Elders trying to get their hair black and kids trying out new hues in hair colour. it is a common need for the whole family. Long and beautiful hair played a significant role in the society. It is associated with the youthfulness and beauty in a women and virility and masculinity in men. So always pick a product of hair colouring which does not cause hair loss as hair loss can make many men and women self conscious.

Best Hair colours In India

1. Loreal paris casting crème Gloss

It is designed to enhance natural looking hair that smells great. You can get optimal coverage for dull or grey tresses with casting Creme Gloss. it is amonia Free which add shimmering tones with a glossy shine to your hair. Your hair can go up to 28 washes . it comes with a moisturising conditioner which makes your hair satin soft and Healthy.

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2. Garnier color naturals creme hair salon

Garnier color naturals been the most popular hair dyeing products. It comes with all required things plastic gloves and information leaflet.  Just mix up all the things and apply on your hair and wash it off . it is ammonia free and made up with natural ingredients like olive oil. It gives thick texture and very easy to wash.

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3. Godrej Expert Rich Creme

Godrej is best hair colour from a really long time. it is also ammonia free and coming in sachets so no more mixing problem. It is made up with natural ingredients like Aloe vera and milk protein.

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4. Bblunt salon secret crème hair colour

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The founders of this crème are hair stylists and they know their products from their salon time. it is ammonia free comes in a kit and has 6 shades variety to choose. It will give your hair great texture as it is enriched with silk proteins.

5. Streax ultra lights highlighting kit

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Streax has so many vibrant colours and very easy to use kits which you can easily use at your home. Products are ammonia free and available for both men and women. it is very quick and easy to apply.

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