How Safe Are My Photos on WhatsApp?


Everyone uses WhatsApp as their reliable messaging app, they send photos and videos through this app. More than a million people are using this app to transfer photos and videos, this will tell you that this application is safe and reliable. But, how safe is it to send photos via WhatsApp? Read on.

What does safety means for WhatsApp photos?

Safety can mean different things to different people, but, since we are speaking about WhatsApp’s safety, let’s say it means that all our photos and videos are secured. Which means that no third party will be able to see or hack it from the other room.

WhatsApp safety measures:

WhatsApp has always been serious about its safety measures. It says that all the chats are end-to-end encrypted, which means only the sender and the receiver can see those message and media files shared in between them. But, the reality is we have seen hackers hacking even legitimate files and fully encrypted applications. That’s what they do and they are good at it.

For security reasons WhatsApp recommends the users to only use protected internet service to operate the app. Especially for sending media files, Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger advises everyone not to do so by using unprotected Wi-Fi or other non-reliable networks. Because this is when hackers can get into your device and hack everything.

However, WhatsApp doesn’t guarantee anything against breaching, but if it may happen, the user will be notified about it. WhatsApp claims that they don’t store any chat or files shared in their server unless the recipient receives it within 30 days of sending the document or chat. If not, then the details get deleted automatically.

Should you worry about sharing files on WhatsApp?

This might sound crazy, but it is important to keep in mind that hacks do happen. No matter how much WhatsApp works towards improving the security! If a hacker who knows his way wants to hack your photos and videos will do so, hence the best way to be safe is not to use unprotected WIFI or network connections. That’s the easiest way for the hackers to hack.

Also, leaks are common too. What if the receiver of your personal photos forgets to lock the phone and someone sees it? Hence, this is another possibility to get hold of your sent photographs.

Here’s how you can be secured on WhatsApp

Whenever WhatsApp tells us that a network is secured, we believe it blindly mainly because of our trust on this application. But there are a few things that you do to protect your WhatsApp photos and videos.

1.    ExpressVPN is the safest and the most reliable VPNs. Use only familiar VPN server, if you don’t trust a network, don’t proceed.

2.    Always lock your phones. Keep a password and make it fingerprint protected. You never know who may hack your phone.

3.    Never open a link which looks fishy and seems unknown. WhatsApp never contacts anyone, hence the moment you find something fishy on your WhatsApp messenger, delete it right away.

4.    Anyone who is a pro with Google’s reverse image search will easily locate your profile and know more about the photograph. Hackers have many ways to hack your profile, keep your profile hidden so that no one can reverse image search your photo on your profile.

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