How to do Cycling in an effective way and its benefits on health

Physically active people are generally fit and healthy. Regular physical activity will protect your body from serious diseases like obesity, Heart disease and mental illness. Cycling is very easy to fit in your daily routine as you can take it to the shops nearby, park, school or work. It is a fun and cost effective way to enjoy by being physically active cycling will give you good muscle workout and makes you physically fit and active.

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Health benefits of doing regular cycling

1. Cycling will decrease your stress levels.

2. It will improve your texture and coordination.

3. it will reduce anxiety and depression in your body.

4. it will provide you cardiovascular fitness

5. it will provide you joint mobility

6. It is an aerobic activity in which heart, blood vessels and lungs all workouts and provide you overall fitness.

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Effective way of cycling

1. Comfortable riding- when you start cycling it should be uncomfortable and sometimes suffer aches and pains. You can follow simple steps to avoid it. Follow a routine of doing stretching and strengthening exercises to do after and between your rides. It will definitely help you from the aches caused by cycling. When you start cycling start with shorter and comfortable rides so that your body can relax

2. Stay Hydrated- whenever you are going for cycling make sure you pack some fluid with you. You can carry a water bottle or a hydration pack with you.

3. Ride in a Group- Always ride cycles in a group. It will opens up social and training opportunities. If you will ride in a group you will ride bicycles close to each other and can do steady and effective riding

4. Right size cycle- You will be more comfortable and happier if your cycle is the right size and your handlebars are set up correctly. You can sit comfortable on it and enjoy the riding.

How cycling help in specific health issues

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1. Cycling helps in Obesity and weight control it will help you to reduce weight. Doing cycling on daily bases will raise your metabolic rate, builds your muscles and burns your body fat. Weight loss through cycling can be achieved when it is combined with proper Healthy diet plan.

2. Cycling helps in heart health- if you are facing high blood pressure or heart stroke or attack cycling will definitely help you  as it stimulates and improve your heart ,lungs and circulation of blood thus it will reduce the risk of heart diseases. Regular cycling will strengthen your heart muscles and will definitely lower your pulse rate and provides you good heart health.

3. Diabetes and Cycling- Lack of physical activity is the main cause of diabetes. If you will cycle more than 30 minutes a day it will lower 40 percent risk of developing diabetes.

4. Arthritis and cycling- Riding a bicycle is one of the best way to do exercise. If you are facing problem of arthritis it is a low impact exercise that places stress on your joints and improves balance and coordination.

5. Mental illness and cycling- cycling is best exercise. if you are facing mental stress or anxiety. Stress can be reduces by doing regular cycle riding. It is the best form of exercise and enjoyment which can make you stress free.

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