How to Get a Digital Signature Certificate in India


How to Get a Digital Signature Certificate in India: Process, Price, Getting One for Free, and Other Questions Answered?

A digital signature is as important as any of your identification proves. It lets you identify yourself. You need it to prove your identity online, just like you need your passport, PAN card, and the driving license to prove your identity offline. Today, we will discuss why you need a digital signature, how to get it certified and also what is a digital signature.

Is digital and electronic signature the same thing?

Well, the answer to this is no. Both of them are different. An electronic signature is actually a way of acknowledging something which you can send to your CA which means you agree to a particular thing and moreover electronic signature is not encrypted. However, a digital signature will be encrypted and will contain every detail about your identity and this can be used by departments like the “Income Tax department” to get all your personal information.

Where to use a digital signature certificate?

The digital signature certificate is a highly useful document in India. In most of the government agencies, a digital signature certificate is accepted and even in court too. Also, you can use this to file your income tax returns online, online auctions, registrar of companies (e-fling), and also can be used to sign e documents, like PDF files.

Your digital signature certificate will become a valid document and then you no longer have to send any hard copies with your signature on each and every paper. This saves a lot of time and effort. Since it is encrypted the company you are sending this document to knows that are not fake.

The different classes of digital signature certificate

There are three classes of computerized signature testament and their capacities are as per the following:

Class 1: The name and email address of people can be confirmed. This isn’t to be utilized by organizations.

Class 2: A Class 2 advanced mark declaration confirms the personality of a man against a pre-checked, confided in the database. This is the one required for organizations or trusts to document their assessment forms.

Class 3: This is the most elevated and most secure computerized signature authentication accessible in India. To get this a man needs to introduce himself or herself before an enrolment specialist to demonstrate his or her character. This class is required for the individuals who are interested in taking part in online auctions or tenders.

How might I get a Digital Signature Certificate in India?

The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) under the Ministry of Electronics and IT has approved certain ensuring specialists to issue computerized signature endorsements. You can locate the full rundown of authorized ensuring experts on the CCA site. There are distinctive classes of computerized signature endorsements and not all of these can be issued by all authorized affirming experts.

To what extent is a computerized signature testament legitimate?

There are diverse sorts of digital signature endorsement accessible and keeping in mind that getting one, you can pick the legitimacy span too. Right now, you can buy a digital signature certificate that is legitimate for up to three years, with the base length being one year.

What amount does it costs to get a computerized signature authentication?

Class 1 certificate is not sold by the certified authorities in India. The reason might be on the grounds that class 2 and 3 endorsements are most normally utilized on government sites and that class 1 doesn’t confirm anything with the exception of your name and email address. The costs of this shifts from supplier to supplier and you can check the rates with every one of them yourself. Emudhra for example and their site offers advanced mark authentications from Rs. 899 to Rs. 5,999 relying upon the class, term, and the sort of declaration you require.

How much time does it take to get a digital signature certificate?

Most confirming experts take somewhere in the range of three and seven working days to issue a digital testament in India.

Where to store the digital signature certificate?

Digital signature certificates will be in soft copies and you can easily store them on your laptop or PC. If you have a USB, then you can also keep them there. Please be careful while storing them, because once they are lost, there is no way of restoring them. If lost, you will have to apply for a new one again.

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