How to Get a Flat Tummy without Surgery:


In this fast-moving lifestyle, every one of us wants a healthy body. But, unfortunately, our food habits add extra kilos to our belly. These extra kilos make us slow, imbalance, weak and prone to diseases. To keep pace with fast life we seek ways to get a flat tummy.  Whenever such a feeling come to our mind we think of going to a surgeon.  Wait a while!  Ask yourself.  Is it essential to go for an expensive and painful ordeal like plastic surgery?  The answer is, without going to a plastic surgeon there are some ways to flatten your tummy.

Going for a balanced diet together with approved exercises will keep you away from a plastic surgeon. Is it not a better method of dealing with your inflated tummy? However, please consult a qualified dietician for your new diet menu and take the help of a trainer for starting & learning the exercises as needed.

Given below are some steps to flatten your tummy without surgery.


The first step is, naturally, to measure your current weight. Measure your BMI, – the health index.

After that proceed by taking healthy food and doing regular exercises.

No Sodas:

Avoid taking a cola or any sort of soda, fruit drinks, coffee, etc. which can give extra calories to your body and hence these may inflate your tummy. Instead of that drinking water to quench your thirst. Taking 6-8 glasses of lukewarm water daily is good for health.

No Fried Foods:

Leave aside the fried foods and go for baked and steamed foods instead.  Always eat fresh foods. When you feel hungry then eat fruits instead of fried items.

Fresh Vegetables:

To get more nutrients from food, try to eat raw or near- to- raw foods. Eating more of carrots, cabbages, cauliflowers, berries, onions, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. is good for health.


In order to lose weight do more cardio exercises.  Walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming, stair climbing, jumping ropes, etc. are recommended. Carry out these exercises daily for at least 30 minutes. Do these exercises alternatively.

Weight Training:

In order to increase your metabolism go for some light weight training.  Increase metabolism will burn your extra fats.

Smaller meals:

Generally, we take more foods than actual requirements.  Instead of burdening your belly with excess food materials go for eating small meals throughout the day.  During a day, eat six small meals instead of 2-3 unhealthy meals. Don’t overeat.

Lastly, but not least, reduce your salt intake and reduce oil in your dishes. They increase your body fat. Simply by reducing the intake of salt and oil will reduce fats on your legs, stomach, buns and faces! Then, why not go for this simple trick?  Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Best wishes for a flat Tummy!

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