Facebook, one of the most commonly used apps for chatting and interacting with friends has a lot more features than one can imagine. It’s not only a platform to chat but you can do several things on facebook like you can raise funds on facebook for a social or personal cause, you can pay or receive money using facebook and in some countries you can even order food using your facebook account.

But people use it mostly for chatting with their friends and family and sharing their moments via photographs and videos.

You can literally find anyone on facebook, an old friend from high school, a childhood crush, a celebrity or probably even a maid if you are looking for one.

Facebook connects friends and family but what if one of your friend or family member has blocked you i.e has completely closed out every way for you to interact with them on facebook.

How do you know if you have been blocked?

Search them on facebook- Knowing if you are blocked or not begins with searching that person’s name in the search bar provided at the top of facebook page. If you cannot find that exact person you are looking for and are seeing results of other persons with the same name, then this is an indication that you might be blocked.

Find a mutual friend- If you two have a mutual friend whose friend list is visible to you, then try going through that person’s friend list and look for the person whom you want to find, if you cannot even find her there then there is a second indication that you are blocked.

Go through an old conversation- If you and that person you are looking for have ever had a conversation on facebook in the past,then go through that conversation and if the thumbnail of their photo is the default facebook profile picture then its getting pretty sure that you have been blocked. But this could also happen if the person has deactivated their facebook account.

Use another account- Try searching for the person through a friends’ account or any other account and if you find the person from that account then you have definitely been blocked.

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