How to Know If Someone Has Blocked Your Number?


Sometimes it may so happen that in spite of repeated dialing you don’t get a response from a friend or relative or from a business partner. It makes you restless, – wondering the reason behind this. Maybe that the person you are trying to contact has switched off his mobile, or put it in silent mode, or the battery needs charging, or he may forget to carry the phone with him or left the phone in office chamber. Worst, he/she may block your number knowingly or unknowingly! Whatever may be the case, you are getting anxious.

When a number is blocked you will not receive a call or text message from that person. Apple’s iPhone blocks facetime contacts also. This feature helps to stop spam calls and one can use it for personal reasons. Since you don’t receive any official communication for it, following signs will help you to think about possible reasons:

(1) You can’t get through:

If you are calling and sending text messages but don’t get answers either way.  Amongst many reasons a blocked number is the possibility. In most cases of blocked numbers, your text messages will appear to transmit normally, but the recipient will not receive it.  This indicates some trouble.

(2) The number of rings you hear is a clue:

When you make a call and hear a normal number of rings before getting it sent to voice mail, it indicates a normal call.In case of a blocked number, you will hear a single ring before diverting to voicemail. But, simply an unusual ring pattern doesn’t tell you that your number is blocked. Such pattern may also mean that the phone is busy, or it is switched off, or the call is directly sent to voicemails. So, better to call again later.  Even then if the single –ring and sending straight to voicemail pattern persists then it may be your number is blocked.

(3)  Unusual messages:

Against your call, if you receive an automated message like “the customer is unavailable,” then it indicates that your number is blocked. There may be a variation of the above message but the meaning is the same. However, keep in mind that a blocked number is not the sole reason for getting such messages, but it is a strong indication of blocking you happen to receive such messages for a couple of days.

(4) It could be something else

Wait!  Don’t conclude that your number is already blocked. There are still possibilities that the person has switched off his phone, or a dead battery, or a network problem, or he might have forgotten to pay monthly dues on time. To get through this, you may hide your phone number from the other phone. To hide your number from caller ID, you may either change your call settings or download an app to handle the issue for you.Check out our guide to making anonymous calls. But use this option wisely. Because maybe that the other person doesn’t want to receive your call. Respect his privacy.Understand the difference between just trying to get in touch and bothering someone. This line of demarcation has to be respected.  If you want to contact the person urgently, you may send email, snail mail or through the help of family and mutual friends.

(5) Stop spam texts in their tracks:

Beware that Spam texts are not only annoying, they also waste your time. Not only that, some criminals may hunt you down through spams texts.

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