How to register online and offline for a smart card driver’s licence


A driving licence that is given as a card is known as a smart card licence. It has a debit or credit card-like appearance. There is chip inside the SCDL. This device contains data about the cardholder, such as genetic information. The Regional Transport Office’s (RTO) computers house all of this info.

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The book-type DL has developed into the SCDL. The updated model is lightweight, reliable, and practical. Drivers can now carry a card that can be kept almost anywhere and is durable in place of bringing a booklet. Drivers can contact their local RTO to change their old DL into the new version.

Process of applying for a smart card driving license online

It is likely that when you apply for a DL via online mode you will receive it in a smart card format. Lets discuss the process of doing it

1.  visit the parivahan seva website

2.  visit the inline services drop down menu and select driving license related services.

3. Select your state and the RTO.

4. Now select new driving license and apply online drop down menu assuming you have learners license otherwise you have to obtain learners license first.

5. follow the filling of form process and fill personal details , upload documents , upload photo and signature if required  book a DL test slot if applicable and pay the necessary fees. Your biometric information will be collected as per process.

6. visit the RTO as per the test schedule.

7.  you shall receive your SCDL via post after passing  the test successfully.

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Process of applying smart card driving license offline

1. Visit the RTO that is closest to you and ask for a SCDL registration paper. Additionally, gather the documents needed to declare your physical health and your medical licence.

2. Complete the forms with the necessary information, include any pertinent papers, and send your registration request to the RTO.

3. Depending on the kind of car you need the DL for; you will have to pay the needed cost. Receive a proof after making the purchase.

4. Based on availability, pick a time period for your driving exam.

5. Appear for the test as per the chosen slot.

6. Upon passing the test, you shall be directed towards the biometric collection centre.

7. You shall receive your SCDL via post at your registered address.

Documents required for DL

Aadhaar Card – mandatory requirement (should be enough in some cases). 

Age proof – passport, birth certificate.

Address proof – utility bills, bank-related documents such as a passbook.

Application form.

Medical certificate.

Declaration of physical fitness.

Physically challenged certificate in case of disability.

Current proof of residence.

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