How to transfer bank accounts easily?


Did you as of late move starting with one city then onto the next? You can get your financial balance exchanged to your close branch. Numerous banks in India both in the private segment and the open segment has made it helpful for its ledger holders to exchange their financial balances starting with one branch then onto the next when they get the move to another area. Here are some broad rules for financial balance exchange starting with one city then onto the next.


The record holder(s) ought to present a composed application or structure to either the new branch or the bygone one (home branch). The letter ought to plainly show account numbers, which are to be exchanged to another branch. The definite name of the new branch, where the record is to be exchanged, must be referenced in the letter also.

Surrendering the chequebook

Alongside the application, the record holders are required to restore any chequebook(s) and unused check leaves.

Different records

Evidence of new location ought to be joined by the application. Contact subtleties, for example, new landline or versatile number ought to likewise be refreshed.


When the application is gotten, the solicitation is sent to the home branch. The home branch shuts the record and exchanges adjust to the next branch. Another record is then opened at the branch where the record is exchanged and reserves are kept in this record. The entire exchange procedure may take 8-10 working days. When the record is exchanged, the client is designated the new record number, and another chequebook can be issued.

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