How to withdraw PF balance without UAN? Check step by step process here


Everyone goes through though days and tough days require money to survive. All the companies ask their employees to fill a PF account if they are new, but if they already have an account they can simply give in the PF account number and continue using the same account. Consider the possibility that you need to PF because of some cash necessity yet don’t know the UAN number which stands for Universal Account Number (UAN). In such circumstance, you will have to fill an online form and submit it to the EPFO’s office and hold up till the settlement. Representatives, who do have a UAN, need to fill different structures according to the requirement. Give us a chance to disclose how to pull back your cash without a UAN of PF.

Guidelines Of EPF Withdrawal

You can pull back your EPF sum on the off chance that you have finished over two months of administration. There is unwinding in this obligatory holding up guideline in the event that you satisfy a few conditions.

You can pull back your EPF sum in the event that you lack any activity till two months after the abdication.

You can pull back 100% of the EPF corpus, the business commitment and EPF contribution upon it following 2 months of renunciation.

You can likewise in part pull back some measure of PF in the specific circumstance.

You can pull back your PF sum on the web if Aadhaar is connected to UAN.

In the event that you pull back PF before 5 years of ceaseless administration, the PF sum would end up assessable.

When would one be able to pull back cash from EPF?

You can make a fractional or complete withdrawal of your cash with your EPF. One can pull back his\her whole cash with EPF, just when he\she resigns or stays jobless for over 2 months. For this situation of joblessness, one must get it approved with a gazetted officer that he\she has been jobless for over 2 months. In specific situations, one can likewise complete a fractional withdrawal from an EPF account. The terms are:

If you don’t have an UAN number or don’t remember then simply visit the link that we have mentioned here, download the form and sign it. Once done submit it to the EPFO’s office. Here’ the link:

Something critical to comprehend here is that the shape for another composite case (Aadhaar) must be stored by the concerned EPFO office without confirmation. Additionally, in the event that you do halfway withdrawals according to the conditions appeared on the table given above, at that point, you don’t have to give any authentications or records alongside your frame.

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